5 Curses Of The Mahabharata

5 Curses Of The Mahabharata

By on June 3, 2017
5 Curses Of The Mahabharata
  • In our Hindu religion has been told about many curses. Every curse has its own importance. Sometimes, because of that curse, the welfare of the universe happens and sometimes the welfare of the person who got the curse. But some curses are such that were given thousands of years ago. But we can still see the effects of them in the present.
The First Curse: – Dharam Raj Yudhishthira Had Given To All Women.
When the war of Mahabharata ended and the Pandavas won victory over the Kauravas. Then Mother Kunti told the Pandavas that Karna was your elder brother. The Pandavas were very sad after hearing this. And they cremated their elder brother Karna with full customs. When Yudhishthira performed the last rites of Karna, he reached to mother Kunti and cursed the Draupadi that from now no woman will be able to conceal any confidential matter inside herself.
The Second Curse: – Shringi Rishi gave to Parikshit.
The Pandavas had given their entire state to the Abhimanyu’s son Parikshit before going to heaven. The people were happy during the reign of the Parikshit. Once King Parikshit went to the forest to hunt and there he saw the sage while doing penance. King Parikshit tried to talk to him, but sage Shamika did not give any answer to him. Seeing this, Raja Parikshit got angry and he throws a dead snake on the sage Shamika. When the son of the sage Shamika came to know about this incident. He got very angry. And Rishi Shringi cursed King Parikshit that you will die right after 7 days from a snake bite. Only after the death of the King Parikshit, the effect of Kali Yuga fell on the whole earth.
The Third Curse: – Lord Krishna Gave To Ashwathama.
Ashwathamahad slaughtered the sons of Pandavas by fraud and then Pandavas reached the hermitage of Maharishi Veda Vyas while chasing Ashwathama with Lord Krishna. When Pandavas reached there the war started between Arjuna and Ashwathama and both used Brahmastra on each other. Ved Vyas stopped both the Brahmastra from colliding; he urged Arjuna and Ashwathama that please withdraw your Brahmastra. Arjuna withdrew his Brahmastra but Ashwathama did not know the knowledge of taking back Brahmastra. Ashwathama turned his Brahmastra into the direction of Subhadra’s womb. Subhadra was the wife of Abhimanyu. Seeing this, Lord Krishna got angry and cursed Ashwathama that you will wander on this earth for the next 3000 years. There will be continuous bleeding from your body due to which no human will talk to you. Due to the stench emanating from your body, people will run away from you and you will always be alone in forests.
The Fourth Curse: – Rishi Mandavya Gave To Yamraj.
In the Mahabharata period, a king sentenced Rishi Mandavya to the crucifixion and ordered the soldiers to hang him immediately. But even after the hanging for a long time, Rishi Mandavya did not die and later king realized his mistake. He waived the sentence of the death of Rishi Mandavya and asked forgiveness for his mistake. The Rishi Mandavya went to Yamraj and asked why I got such a big punishment while there was no fault of mine. Yamraj said that at the age of 12 you put a needle in the tail of a worm. Hearing this, Rishi Mandavya got angry and told Yamraj that at the age of 12, No child would know right or wrong. Then the Rishi Mandavya cursed Yamraj that you will be born as a slave girl’s son.
The Fifth Curse: – Urvashi Gave To Arjuna.
Arjuna once came to heaven to get the Divyastra and he met a nymph named Urvashi. Urvashi was fascinated by Arjuna’s personality. When Urvashi expressed his love for Arjuna then Arjuna told her that for me you are like a mother. Upon hearing this, Urvashi became angry and cursed Arjuna that due to your impotentattitude, you have to stay as a women’s dancer. Arjuna went to Indra Dev and gave him a complete description of this incident. Indra said to Arjuna, you do not worry, this curse will prove to be a boon for you when you go for exile. Inthe time of exile, you will remain in the identification of the dancer. Because of this, Kauravas will not even recognize you.