Do You Know The Most Clean Village Of Asia In India

By on September 23, 2017

Do You Know The Most Clean Village Of Asia In India


Where the situation of villages and cities in our country is very bad. The second and surprising thing is that Asia’s cleanest village is in India. This village is named Mawlynnong which is located in Meghalaya. This village is known by the name of God’s Own Garden. This village is also the ahead in studies along with cleanliness. You will be surprised to know that the literacy rate of this village is 100%. It means all the people here are educated and most people use the English language. Mawlynnong village is situated at a distance of about 100 km from the Shillong. According to the 2014 census, there are 95 families in this village. Most people here belong to the Khasi tribes. Here betel nut (Supari) is cultivated in large quantities. Here people use bamboo dustbins to collect garbage. And then the waste is used as compost in fields. The bamboo dustbin is engaged in every corner of the village for disposing of garbage. In 2003, the village got the title of Asia’s cleanest village and got the title of India’s cleanest village in 2005. The most important feature of this village is that here people themselves clean the village. These people are not dependent on the administration to maintain cleanliness in the village. If people find garbage on the road, then they pick it up and put in the dustbin. It shows that the cleanliness is very important for these people. And this unique habit separates this village from the rest of India. There are also many interesting spots for tourists in this village. Such as waterfall, living root bridge, and balancing rock. There is a loft in the village that is 80 feet above the ground and you can see the entire beauty of village from there. Natural bridge made from roots of trees which gets stronger over time. Meghalaya is full of such bridges. There are also many small restaurants for the convenience of tourists in the village. Like most North-Eastern states, prepaid mobiles do not work here. So if you are thinking of going to Mavelingong village, keep a postpaid mobile for your convenience.