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Five Political Astonishing Assassinations In India

By on August 17, 2017
Today we will talk about the 5 political leaders of India who were killed:-
  • Mahatma Gandhi: – He is also known as the Father of the Nation of India and he contributed a lot to India’s independence. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by a college student only after 5 months of independence. Nathuram Godse fires 3 bullets on Gandhiji, and at the same time, Gandhiji died. Nathuram Godse was a Hindu nationalist and he believed that Gandhiji was supporting Pakistan more than India. Seeing so many deaths during partition, there was an anger within Nathuram Godse. And this was the reason that he assassinated to Mahatma Gandhi. “Hey Ram,” Gandhiji said while during his last breath.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

  • Indira Gandhi: – She was the first woman Prime Minister of India. And she was known for her courageous and fearless rule. Due to such a political conflict, Indira Gandhi was assassinated. By her own bodyguard, because at that time the political situation in Punjab was very bad. At that time, Operation Blue Star was operated in Amritsar’s Golden Temple to kill Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. During which many innocents Sikhs of the Sikh community were killed. For revenge, Indira Gandhi’s own bodyguards killed her with bullets at Prime Minister Residence. After the post mortem report, it was revealed that over 30 bullets were shot on Indira Gandhi.

Indira Gandhi

  • Rajiv Gandhi: – Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi who came to power after the assassination of his mother. There was a very tense relationship between India and Sri Lanka in 1991. At that time, Rajiv Gandhi was campaigning for his Lok Sabha constituency in one of Chennai’s villages. Then at that time a lot of people came to him and they started garlanding him. One of those people was Thenmozhi Rajaratnam also known as Dhanu who contacted to Rajiv Gandhi and congratulate him. When she bent down to touch his feet, after that a huge explosion happened. In that blast, 25 people were killed with Rajiv Gandhi.

Rajiv Gandhi

  • Beant Singh: – Punjab’s Chief Minister Beant Singh was assassinated on 31 August 1995 through the Suicide bombing. The car explosion was so dangerous that its impact went to the 8th floor of the building. Three Indian commandos and 17 others died in this blast. The Babbar Khalsa International Group took responsibility for the blast, which is a terrorist organization and it is officially banned by the government. They said that in the reign of Beant Singh, more than 22000 of people were killed in Punjab. And for revenge, they assassinated Beant Singh.

Car Blasts

  • Phoolan Devi: – She was a robber and later became a member of parliament. Popularly known as “Bandit Queen”. Phoolan Devi was assassinated in 2001. 3 bullets were fired on her head and 2 on the body. And she died before reaching the hospital. The main accused Sher Singh Rana of the assassination of Phoolan Devi happily surrendered to the police. And he had said that in the year 1981 the massacre that Phoolan Devi had committed in Bemai, I have punished her for that massacre. During the Bemai massacre, Phoolan Devi was a dacoit. At that time, she had killed 22 people to avenge his gang rape. Because of Bemai massacre, Sher Singh Rana conspired to kill Phoolan Devi.

Phoolan Devi