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Four Ancient Vedas

Four Ancient Vedas

By on April 11, 2017
(1)  Rigveda (2) Yajurveda (3) Samaveda (4) Atharvaveda

Our Veda is one of the oldest and first texts in our culture. Through Vedas, we can acquire knowledge of high degree, Which includes astrology, mathematics, medicine, cultural, music, Astronomical science has been explained in almost all the subjects. Veda is the most important part of our culture by studying it; man can know the real motive of his life, why he has born on this earth. It took thousands of years to collect the Vedas and their study is not easy, you have to work hard and hard. In common language, the meaning of Veda is knowledge; Knowledge is the light with whose help man can get rid of darkness. The term Veda is derived from the word of Sanskrit, the ancient sages were only studying these mantras and then presented them to the whole world and that medium is called the Vedas. It has also been said that God himself had told these mantras to these sages. That is why Vedas have also been called Shruti. It is believed that in the beginning, the Vedas were the same, but they were divided into four parts for our convenience. Inside Vedas, there are thousands of compositions and spells that can’t be written by a sage or at the same time. It is composed from time to time with the help of sages. Surya (sun), Pawan (air) and Agni (fire) god made austerity and in return, they got Rigveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda, and Atharvaveda.

According to a text, these 4 Vedas have originated from 4 heads of Brahma Ji!
1. The Rigveda is an old Indian gathering of Vedic Sanskrit chants. It is one of the four authoritative sacrosanct writings (Shruti) of Hinduism known as the Vedas. The content is an accumulation of 1,028 chants composed into ten books (Mandalas). A very large part of this language is still in darkness and because of this many mantras have not yet been studied. The chants are devoted to the Rigvedic creator in every book there is a hymn of God, the number of these chants increases with each book. These books have been told about the universe and about science. The origin of the universe and the works of God have been spread in detail.

2. In the Yajurveda has been told about the methods of rituals and the materials used in it. In this, all those Hindu Karmas have mentioned them by an ancient priest. Yajurveda is from 4 Vedas and its exact date is unknown. Yajurveda is made in general 2 parts – Krishna and Shukla. Krishna is exactly the opposite of Shukla in Yajurveda. Krishna is totally unstable and uncontrollable, on the other hand, Shukla completely stable and in control. Yajurveda has 1975 chants.

 3. Samaveda is the Veda of tunes and music. It basically originated from Rigveda and has a musical narrative description of Rigvedic compositions. There are 3 chapters of Samaveda and the proof of its handwriting is found in different parts of India.Samaveda has 1875 chants.

4. Atharva means the store of knowledge. This is the fourth and final chapter. This Veda contains details of the mystical mantras, such as magic, miracle, and Ayurveda. Atharvaveda has 20 chapters and more than 5000 chants.