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Gandhi Family’s Five Biggest Scams

By on September 16, 2017

Gandhi Family's Five Biggest Scams


When India became independent, then many scams had come out. There were also some scams like, in which the name of the Nehru-Gandhi family came also. The Nehru-Gandhi family had been in the limelight because of these scandals. Today we will talk about some of the scams related to Nehru-Gandhi families.

1951 Mundhra Scandal: – The person who did the first scam of independent India was the businessman of Calcutta, Haridas Mundhra. Haridas Mundhra is remembered because at that time Jawaharlal Nehru’s name was being added in this scandal. Mundhra had invested USD 3.2 million in his 6 companies with the help of Life Insurance Corporation (LIC). All that investments were done under government pressure. And the LIC’s election committee was completely excluded from this decision. By the time LIC came to know about it, there was a lot of damage till then. Jawaharlal Nehru did not want people to know about this scam. Because he believed that this news would definitely harm the image of India. But in 1952, Nehru’s son-in-law, Feroze Gandhi, brought this scam in front of the public. Nehru also tried to save T. T. Krishnamachari but in the end, he had to resign.

1971 Nagarwala Scandal: – Former Army captain Rustom Sohrab Nagarwala telephoned the main branch of SBI in the voice of Indira Gandhi and asked for help worth 60,000,00 rupees. He said that on the instructions of the Prime Minister’s Office, he has demanded money and this money will be used to deal with Bangladesh’s situation. Later the name of the Ved Prakash Malhotra (he was the head cashier in SBI) appeared in the scam and he had to resign. Sohrab Nagarwala was arrested and died in jail.

1999-2014 Bofors Scandal: – Swedish arms manufacturer Bofors said that they had given 10 million USD to many Indian leaders including Rajiv Gandhi for selling 155 mm field howitzer guns in the Indian Army. The scandal caused great damage to the Nehru-Gandhi family and PM Rajiv Gandhi image from 1980 to 1990. Later, Sonia Gandhi’s name also appeared in this scandal.

2011 National Herald Scam: – Associated Journals Limited Company, created by Congress Money, under which 3 newspapers were operated. This company was built in 1938 by Jawaharlal Nehru and some other freedom fighters. Due to several reasons, the company closed in 2008. And then in 2011, a company named Young India was opened. The main reason behind the creation of this company was AJL’s 90 million loan. Party invested 10 million in Herald House. Subramanian Swamy later accused Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi of misusing the property.

2012 Vadra DLF Scandal: – DLF accused Sonia Gandhi and her son-in-law Robert Vadra of taking a loan of Rs 65 crore. Its aim was to give political gain to the company only. It was alleged that during the Congress rule at the center, Robert Vadra bought a lot of property at very low prices in many parts of the country.

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