Kailasa Temple Ellora

Hidden Secrets Of Ancient Kailasa Temple And Caves

By on August 31, 2017

Kailasa Temple


India has a distinct identity in the world due to its culture, civilization and history. There are so many incredible places in India that the scientists are surprised after seeing. And the secrets associated here are far more shocking. Scientists believe that the science of the mythological era was quite developed as compared to the today’s science. Kailasa Temple of Aurangabad in Maharashtra is such a mysterious place. This temple is considered a miracle of the science of that time. Some people believe that this temple is 1000 years old and some believe that it is 6000 years old. The most incredible thing about this temple is that it has not been built by adding bricks and stones; it is designed by cutting a rock or mountain. It took 18 years to build this temple. But the scientists say that we cannot make such a temple in 18 years using today’s science. So the question arises at that time how was this temple built in 18 years? Researchers have said that it is difficult to tell by seeing the stone used in this temple how old is the temple. This temple has not been constructed in a general way. To build this temple, the rock was cut from top to bottom. For the construction of the temple, they would have removed at least 4-5 lakh tonnes of stone from here. To complete this temple in 18 years, every person will have to remove 150 tons of stone every day, which is not possible. This temple was not built entirely by digging; many small tools have also been used in its construction. According to the scientists, in that time, it was impossible to make this temple even in 200 years. In Vedas and Puranas, there is a description of such tool, with whose help the stone could be converted into steam. It is believed that this temple would have been built using the same tool. The caves here makes this temple more mysterious. In 1876 a Spiritualist Emma Hedrick of England described this place in her book. Emma said that she had met a British man, who has gone inside these caves. The person told that there is an open space inside the cave. There was a temple and he saw 7 people there. One of them was disappearing repeatedly. Scientists from all over the world want to check these caves. But now the government has closed these caves. Now no one is allowed to visit these caves. Knowing the structure and history of the Kailasa temple, it is sure that this place is made with the help of very developed science. So it would not be wrong to say that the mythological science was more advanced than our modern science today.

The Kailas at Ellora

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