How Strong Is The Army Of India From China’s Army

How Strong Is The Army Of India From China’s Army

By on July 25, 2017
 How Strong Is The Army Of India From China's Army
As we all know that nowadays the situation between India and China is serious on the border. Through this article, I will try to give you a brief description of the strengths of these two countries. Experts believe that the situation of war can arise at any time. Chinese media is constantly spewing venom against India. It is expected that once again, both the countries will collide on the battlefield. In 1979, China has fought the last war with Vietnam and after that, China did not make any war. While India fought 3 wars after 1962 and won all of them. Let us now talk about the Indian Army and the Indian Armed Forces, China will have to rethink once again before starting the war with India. China’s economy is so strong because of India because most of China’s goods are sold in India. China’s large-scale mobile companies (Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Lenovo etc.) sell most of their goods in India. According to the Central Government figures, China has invested $ 4.91 billion in India till 2017. Obviously, China is not going to spoil its relationship with India. Because if this happens then the economy of China may have to face heavy losses. India’s military power has increased significantly since 1962. Although China has more fighter jets than India. But the Indian jet Sukhoi Su-30MKI is a big threat to China. Indian Sukhoi Su-30MKI can target 30 targets at a time. And the Chinese Sukhoi Su-30MKK can only target 2 at a time. China has the world’s largest military force. China has 22, 85,000 armed soldiers and 5, 10,000 reserve soldiers. If talk of paramilitary force, China has more than 6, 00,000 soldiers. While India has 4426 battle tanks, 6704 armored fighting vehicle, 290 self-propelled artillery and 290 rocket projectors. But the Indian Army has a good experience to face the warlike situation. But the Indian Army has a good experience to face the warlike situation. BrahMos missile can become a big challenge for China. BrahMos was built by India with Russia. The BrahMos missile, which runs at a speed of 952 meters per second, can easily beat China’s radars. If you talk about the geographical situation, then they are also in favor of India. In the war land, Chinese planes will have to fly over the high plateaus of Tibet and due to this, they have to keep less weight in their aircraft. Because of this, they will not take much fuel and ammunition on the plane. Chinese air force is not as capable of refueling in the air. China’s J-10 and J-11 planes will have to fly through the Chengdu Military Region during the war. While India has built a base for Sukhoi Su-30MKI in Tezpur from where the planes will fly faster.