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Importance Of Agni According To The Vedas

Importance Of Agni According To The Vedas

By on June 8, 2017
Importance Of Agni According To The Vedas
As we know that the knowledge of the whole universe is hidden in the Vedas. But we are still unable to study the Vedas completely. One of the reasons for this is that our Vedas are written in Sanskrit language and only a few select people who understand the Sanskrit language. Today, Vedic knowledge is slowly disappearing from India. Thousands of years ago, due to the Vedas, our great Indian country was built. In earlier times the students were given the Vedic knowledge and they were taught to live life through it. Agnihotra has given an important place in the Vedas. According to the Vedas, you cannot worship any God without Agni (fire). Agni (fire) is said to be the form of Goddess Shakti in the Vedas. The birth of a person without Agni and his salvation is not possible. Agni is also called the mouth of the deities. According to the Vedas, your worship and prayer do not reach to God till you gave Aahuti (offering) it in the fire. Agni is also known as Havyawahan (transport). Like a person eats with his mouth and that food goes straight into his body. Similarly, Agni is also the mouth of the deities and all the offerings made by us reach God through the mouth of the deities. Agni is considered very sacred in the Vedas and we should never insult the Agni. Agnihotra has also been explained in detail in Vedas. Today the process of Agnihotra has disappeared from our homes. There used to be a time when people do Agnihotra twice a day in their homes.

Now You Must Be Thinking That What Is Agnihotra?

In simple words, Agnihotra is a kind of worship. This is a medium by which you can reach your Ishtdev (God). Different types of materials are offered in the Agni and this process is called hotra. Musk, saffron, sandalwood, jatamansi, cardamom, basil, nutmeg, ghee, fruits, rice, barley, wheat, honey, sugar, raisins etc are used as havan (offering prayers to God in front of the fire) materials. The air of our environment is clean because of all these ingredients used in the havan. The second name of havan is Agnihotra. If you have to fulfill your desire then you have to do an Agnihotra in your worship. Due to the Agnihotra, you feel a wonderful tranquility. Every person should try that he must do Agnihotra two times a day in his house.