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Indian History Of Today- August 26

By on August 26, 2017
  • On August 26, 1303, Alauddin Khilji defeated Ratan Sen and captured Chittorgarh Fort.Queen Padmini and other women sacrificed herself in Agni Kund, this practice is called Jauhar.
  • The Bombay Association was founded on August 26, 1852.
  • On August 26, 1874, politician and philosopher Munshi Ishwar Saran was born.
  • Historian Dr.Moti Chandra was born on August 26, 1909.
  • On August 26, 1914, the Bengali revolutionaries plundered 46,000 rounds of ammunition and 50 Mauser Pistols from the port of Calcutta to increase their revolutionary activities.
  • On August 26, 1927, the second radio station was started in Calcutta.
  • On 26th August 1947, the Nawab of Bhopal announced the entry of Bhopal state to Indian Dominion.
  • On 26th August 1967 Indian cricketer, Dilawar Hussain passed away in Lahore.
  • Freedom fighter and Congress politician Dr. Narayan Subbarao Hardikar died on August 26, 1975.