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Indian History Of Today- July 27

By on July 27, 2017
  • On July 27, 1887, social worker and lawyer Sardar Devar Tehmuras Kavasji was born.
  • The establishment of the Indian National Congress, the branch of the British India Committee on July 27, 1889, was established under the leadership of Dadabhai Naoroji.
  • On July 27, 1910, the great singer Bande Ali Khan died.
  • On July 27, 1913, the great freedom fighter Kalpana Datta was born.
  • On 27 July 1927, the famous novelist Krishna Baldev Vaid was born.
  • Writer and lawyer Rameshwar Sahai Saxena was born on July 27, 1928 in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Japanese forces reach Indo-China on July 27, 1941.
  • In the first innings on 27 July 1959, Abbas Ali Baig of India scored 112 runs against England.
  • Indian President Indira Gandhi visited America for the first time in 11 years on July 27, 1982.
  • Actor Amjad Khan died on July 27, 1992.
  • On July 27, 1998, Gyan Singh is found guilty of the murder of  Sant Harchand Singh Longowal and sentenced to death.