Indian Traitor Agent Rabinder Singh Of RAW

Indian Traitor Agent Rabinder Singh Of RAW

By on July 11, 2017
 Indian Traitor Agent Rabinder Singh Of RAW
There are many such spies born in India, who have sacrificed their lives for the country’s dignity and its glory. But there are some traitors who have made a deal of their country with enemies for the sake of money. One such traitor is Rabinder Singh. This is the case of 2003 when the relationship between the United States and Iraq was not right. America thought that Iraq has weapons like nuclear and biological that can eradicate the world. But before attacking Iraq, America wanted to investigate the internal conditions of Iraq. For this investigation, the US sought help from India. Because the friendship between India and Iraq was strong at that time. And many RAW agents of India were present in Iraq. One of the RAW agents was also Rabinder Singh. He was one of the retired army officers and the senior agent of RAW. Rabinder Singh provided intelligence information to the CIA agent about Iraq’s internal affairs. But after some time when Rabinder Singh came back to India, there was some change in his behavior, he also showed interest in that department of RAW, in which he had no work. Once Rabinder took photographs of some papers in RAW’s Science and Technology departments, and his junior officers saw him. Those officers were suspicious about Rabinder and they told this to the Counter Intelligence Wing. The main task of the Counter Intelligence Wing is to keep a close eye on the agents of RAW so that no agent could give intelligence information to the enemy country. Now RAW has started keeping a close watch on Rabinder Singh. They started phone tapping, install spy cameras in Rabinder’s home, gym, and office. But during this time the agents of the RAW made a mistake. They talked to Rabinder’s clerk about this and unfortunately, Rabinder saw them while they talking with his clerk. Now Rabinder knew that RAW was keeping a close watch on him. He started making plans to leave India and the CIA helped him in this work. Rabinder fled to Nepal with his wife, Parminder Kaur. Where the CIA had kept Rabinder’s and his wife’s fake passports ready. In those fake passports, their name was Mr. And Mrs. Rajpal Prasad Sharma. With the help of these fake passports on 7th May 2004, Rabinder Singh flew to Washington from Kathmandu with his wife. Since that day nobody knows where Rabinder Singh is.