Jawaharlal Nehru Was Afraid Of His Son-In-Law Feroze Gandhi

Jawaharlal Nehru Was Afraid Of His Son-In-Law Feroze Gandhi

By on September 29, 2017

Jawaharlal Nehru Was Afraid Of His Son-In-Law Feroze Gandhi

Feroze Gandhi was born on 12 September 1912 in a Parsi family. According to the book “Feroze Gandhi: The Forgotten Gandhi” by the Swedish journalist and writer Bertil Falk, Jawaharlal Nehru was afraid of Feroze Gandhi. According to the book, the relationship between Feroze and Indira was not good.

Feroze Gandhi father Jehangir and mother Ratimai used to live in the Nauroji Natakwala Bhawan in Bombay’s Khetwadi neighborhood.

His father was a Marine Engineer. After a few years, he was promoted and he became a Warrant Engineer.

Feroze was the youngest son of his parents. He had two brothers Dorab and Faridun Jehangir and two sisters Tamina Kishashop and Aloo Dastur.

His grandfather’s house is still in Kotpariwad of Bombay. After the death of Feroze Gandhi’s father in early 1920, Feroze and his mother went to Allahabad to stay with their unmarried maternal aunt.

His aunt was a surgeon in Lady Dufferin Hospital. Feroze completed his studied from Vidya Mandir High School and then graduated from Ewing Christian College.

Moraji Desai had mentioned in his autobiography “The Story of My Life Volume II” that Jawaharlal Nehru was often scared of making a new decision because he feared that his son-in-law could get annoyed with his decision.

According to the book, there were frequent disputes between Nehru and Feroze on many issues. Feroze has been praised in the book and accordingly, he gives more importance to the person’s character than power.

Feroze once revolted against his father-in-law Jawaharlal Nehru. And the result was that when T. T. Krishnamachari name came in the Mundhra scam, then Nehru was forced to remove him from the cabinet.

Author Bertil Falk also writes that Feroze never got his real position in the party. Because Indira Gandhi had never taken him and his work seriously.

Bertil Falk said in one of his interviews that between Indira and Feroze, there were lots of disputes related to children’s upbringing.  B. N. Pandey and Lal Bahadur Shastri have also mentioned the fights of Indira Gandhi and Feroze.

According to the book, after the death of Feroze, Indira wrote a letter to Mohammad Yunus and told about his and Feroze’s quarrels. And similar chats were done in front of B. N. Pandey too.

This book (Feroze Gandhi: The Forgotten Gandhi) by Bertil Falk describes the members of the Gandhi family who have never been in the discussion.