Journey Of Malik Kafur From Wrestler To Army General

By on April 22, 2017
Malik Kafur was a famous Hindu wrestler from Gujarat. At that time he was known as Manik. But later he was forced to change the religion and then he known by the name of Malik Kafur and became the favorite commander of Alauddin Khilji. He led three major expeditions in Southern India from 1294 to 1316 AD and wiped all those obstacles which were causing trouble in the arrival of the Madurai Kingdom. It is also said that Alauddin Khilji had homosexual relation with Malik Kafur. Malik Kafur was also known as “Thousand Dinar”, which was paid by Sultan (King) for his occupation. Kafur played a very important role in the Khilji dynasty. He was given the title of the commander of a soldier, which was very big. Ziauddin Barani has also said about this. Devagiri was the capital of the Yadava Empire, Ramdeva was ruled by it and under the leadership of Sultan (King), Kafur attacked here in 1294. During this war, Sankardeva was also killed, who was the son of the king. After that, Kafur defeated Mongols in the Battle of Amroha 1305.
Journey Of Malik Kafur From Wrestler To Military Commander

These are the main two campaigns of South India, the Kakatiyas of Warangal and Hoysalas of Halebidu, Whose leadership was carried out between 1309 and 1311 by Kafur. He defeated the Kakatiyas and captured it and chose the place for the Sultanate (Kingdom) of Sultan (King). From here the famous and prized Kohinoor diamond was stolen. The army of Kafur surrounded the famous temple of Halebid, Hoysaleswara, and attacked Veera Ballala III and defeated him in war. Later, Kafur tried to enter the Tamil states. This was his third attempt in South India, he also succeeded in this. In the fierce heat of 1311, and he defeated the tired Pandyan army in the war. Kafur occupied the main water source (Kaveri River) of that state. Kafur took the emperor Sundara Pandyan into custody. Siege in Madurai continued for a week, but this siege by Kafur did not help. On the other hand, Pandyan soldiers were continuously attacking with their horsemen and arrows at night and due to this attack, Kafur lost his half army. In the end, Kafur had to compromise with Veera Pandyan that he would leave his brother. Kafur told Veera Pandyan that he would have to give half of the treasure and weapons in exchange for his brother. Kafur was given the title of Malik Naib, after the Southern campaign. The last king of the Yadavas “Raja Harpal” was killed by Kafur in 1318.
Journey Of Malik Kafur From Wrestler To Military Commander
Malik Kafur always saw himself as a sultan (King). Alauddin Khilji died in 1316 and then Malik Kafur’s path to the throne was cleared. Umar Khan was the youngest son of Alauddin Khilji whose age is 3 years. Malik Kafur had placed him on the throne because his other sons Khizr Khan and Shadi Khan were blind. Malik Kafur tried to kill Mubarak Khan, but he escaped from there somehow and thus he survived. But after some time some of Alauddin Khilji’s loyalists murdered Malik Kafur. And later, Mubarak Khan held the throne.