Kohinoor Diamond

Kohinoor A Cursed Diamond?

By on August 22, 2017

Kohinoor A Cursed Diamond?


Kohinoor means the source of vast light, but due to the shining of this Kohinoor, many kings had lost their empires. It is accreditation that, this diamond is cursed. The Kohinoor was mentioned for the first time in the book of Baburnama. The identity of this diamond took place at the beginning of the 14th century. The person who wore Kohinoor once wrote it. Whoever wore this diamond will rule in this world. But after wearing it, the misfortune of that person will also start. But at that time people rejected his point of saying that it is nothing but superstition. But if we look at the history, so we know that whatever empire Kohinoor was in, it was destructed.

End Of Kakatiya Dynasty

In the beginning of the 14th century, this diamond came to the Kakatiya dynasty. And with this, the bad times of Kakatiya rule that ruled for 400 years began. And in 1330, after the defeat in battle with Tughlak Shah, Kakatiya rule ended.

End Of Mughal Dynasty

After the decline of the Kakatiya Empire, this diamond remained near Muhammad bin Tughluq from 1325 to 1350 AD. By the middle of the 16th century, this diamond remained with various Mughal sultanates. And the end of all of them was so terrible that it is difficult to imagine. Shah Jahan embedded the Kohinoor diamond in his Peacock Throne. But his rule was forcibly taken over by his son Aurangzeb. And later he put his father Shah Jahan in jail.

End Of Nader Shah

In 1739, Persian ruler came to India and he attacked the Mughal regime. After this war, the Mughal Sultanate ended and Nader Shah took Kohinoor diamond along with him to Persia. But in 1747 Nader Shah was also murdered.

After this Kohinoor Diamond came in contact with King Ahmad Shah Durrani of Afghanistan. And after his death, Kohinoor diamond reached to his son Shah Shuja Durrani. But after some time Mahmud Shah dismissed Shah Shuja Durrani from his post. Later in 1813, the King of Afghanistan Shah Shuja reached Lahore with Kohinoor diamond. And he gave Kohinoor diamond to King Ranjit Singh of Punjab. In return, King Ranjit Singh helped Shah Shuja to regain Afghanistan regime. Thus Kohinoor diamond came back to India. After a few years, Maharaja Ranjit Singh died and Britishers ended the Sikh empire. But as soon as the diamond reached the Britain, their downfall had begun. By 1850 Britain had occupied more than half the world. But after that, the countries which were under Britain became independent after one.