Mystery Of Son Bhandar Cave

Mystery Of Son Bhandar Cave

By on April 15, 2017

In Bihar, Nalanda district has a very important city named Rajgir. In ancient times, the city used to be the capital of Magadha. This is where Buddha preached to Emperor Bimbisara. And told about the mysteries of life. Even today the monument associated with Buddha can be seen in this city. It has been said that the world’s most valuable treasure is hidden in the Son Bhandar Cave of this Rajgir city. This treasure belongs to Maurya Emperor Bimbisara. Some people believe that this treasure does not belong emperor Bimbisara; it belongs to emperor Jarasandha. But there is a concrete proof that this treasure belongs to Emperor Bimbisara. Ajatashatru had imprisoned his father Bimbisara in jail. Proof of that jail is found near Son Bhandar Cave. After entering the cave, you see a huge door, on which soldiers were deployed who guarding the treasure. It is believed that through the back wall of this room you can reach the treasure. There is a very heavy stone placed on that path, so far no one has been able to remove it.

Mystery Of Sonbhandar Cave

There is something written (Sankhlipi)  on the wall of this cave that no one has been able to read. Some scholars also have to say that to open the door of the treasure; this mantra will have to be chanted. It has also been said that in order to reach the treasure, you have to go through the Vaibhavgiri Mountain to the Saptaparni Cave which is on the back of the Son Bhandar Cave. On this wall of the cave, today is still a mark of a cannon ball. Once The British tried to fly from the artillery with it, but they also failed. There is another cave just a short distance from the Son Bhandar Cave. This has been largely destroyed. A very beautiful statue of Jain Tirthankara (Parsvanath, Mahavira, and others) has been built on its south wall. Both the caves were made by cutting the rocks almost in the third-fourth century and there is also a special thing about these caves that they have been well-kept Polish. Because there are very few caves in India that have such great workmanship. Outside these two caves, there was an incomplete statue of Lord Vishnu. So it can be estimated that both these caves will be subjected to the Vaishno sect. Perhaps those people had to go somewhere suddenly, for this reason, they could not fulfill that statue.

Ancient Sonbhandar Cave