Narendra Modi Made The Government Fool During Emergency

By on August 8, 2017
Narendra Modi Made The Government Fool During Emergency
In Indian history, the years of emergency are remembered as dark days. After the Emergency was imposed, many people lost their right to speak and protest or it wouldn’t be wrong to say that people had lost their right to live. But due to that emergency, India has got many great politicians and one of them is our current Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Today we will talk about the actions of Narendra Modi made during the Emergency. How he continued to protect his activism from the government’s perspective. When Indira Gandhi imposed Emergency in 1975, then the government had put them all in jail, who had opposed it. At that time, the situation of the country was so bad that if someone even spoke against the government, he would have been arrested immediately. Even the police were given orders “shoot on sight”. At that time the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) was banned. Narendra Modi was then a member of the RSS. Thousands of RSS members were in jail at the time. But the government was still looking for other members because they somehow continued their protests. Narendra Modi was then 25 years old and he took the form of Sardar to avoid the government As Sardar, he used to visit his team members in jail and told them about all the activities of outside. There were a lot of restrictions on the media during the Emergency. The media did not had the freedom to display any such news in which the government has been condemned. But despite the government’s hardened rule, Narendra Modi and his colleagues published a magazine named Sadhna. In that journal, it was written about the events that the government wanted to hide from the people. Every time Narendra Modi dodges the government and continued his struggle. While roaming on his bicycle, he used to tell people about democracy, and after avoiding the police, they paste anti-emergency posters on the walls. Meanwhile, Narendra Modi met George Fernandes, who believed that we should attack the government in a non-violent manner. But Modi’s philosophy was very different; he believed that we should do our work silently. The advantage of this will be that there will be no threat to the life of our members. Due to this philosophy, Narendra Modi won the trust of all the members of his organization, and during the 21-month Emergency, he was never arrested by police. The Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi faced many criticisms. But during the same Emergency Narendra Modi, who was a publicist in RSS, now he was started being seen as a leader. Later Narendra Modi became a National Leader and today he is the Prime Minister of India. A person’s mistake proves to be beneficial for another; this verse fits perfectly on Narendra Modi.