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Rani Padmavati Of Chittor

By on May 2, 2017
Princess Padmini, also known as Padmavati. The beauty of the princess was famous throughout the Singhal Island. Padmavati was the daughter of King Gandharva and Champavati. King Gandharva organized a grand self-propaganda for the marriage of his daughter; The Kings were called from far away. The dream to marry Padmavati was seen by almost all the kings at that time. All the famous kings participated in that Competition. But King Ratan Sen of Chittor defeated all the king’s there with their skill and won the competition (स्वयंवर). According to the rule of competition (स्वयंवर), the king who wins will be married to Padmavati, and thus Padmavati and Ratan Sen got married. At the same time, a cruel and merciless ruler of Delhi, whose name was Alauddin Khilji. When the news of the wonderful beauty of queen Padmavati reached Alauddin Khilji, so he became crazy about her beautyHe ordered his army to attack Chittor immediately. Alauddin Khilji knew very well that there was no match for a Ratan Sen’s army in front of such a huge and efficient army. But he did not know that the structure of Chittor’s fort was made in such a way that it is very difficult to enter the enemy. Even after Ratan Sen’s army’s count was low, defeating them was not easy.
 Rani Padmavati Of Chittor

Alauddin Khilji’s army surrounded the fort of Chittor but they were not capable of breaking any of the 7 doors. Then Alauddin planned to betray Ratan Sen. Alauddin sent this message to Ratan Sen that he will remove his army from here, but in return, I want to see Padmavati once. King Ratan Sen was very angry to hear this because it was not appropriate for a married woman to go in front of an unknown man. But Ratan Sen was also concerned about his army. Ratan-Sen laid down the condition that you can see Padmavati only in the mirror. King Ratan Sen brought Alauddin Khilji to his castle. Queen Padmavati also came to the stairs of her palace and Sultan (King) Alauddin saw the queen for the first time in a mirror. After seeing the queen, the nefarious intention of Alauddin got stronger and he somehow took King Ratan Sen out of the palace in his talks and made Ratan Sen his prisoner. Alauddin Khilji sent a message to the queen that he would release Ratan-Sen, only if you get ready to go to Delhi with me. Queen Padmavati accepted this condition and said that my 700 slaves will also come with me and I want to meet my husband for the last time. King Alauddin Khilji accepted all the conditions of queen Padmavati. But Alauddin did not know that those 700 guardians have soldiers in place of slaves.
 Rani Padmavati Of Chittor
The palanquin of queen Padmavati was taken directly to Ratan Sen’s camp where he was imprisoned. But in the Sudan was his nephew (Badal) instead of queen Padmavati. At a behest of Badal, all the soldiers attacked Alauddin’s Khilji army and did not even have the chance to handle Alauddin. And thus King Ratan Sen was safely delivered to his fort. For a while, Chittor soldiers faced Alauddin’s army, but in the end, the security of Chittor began to weaken. Now, queen Padmavati felt that Chittor army could not fight for a long time. Queen Padmavati decided that she would put herself in the fire but will not marry king Alauddin. The rest of the palace women joined her in this decision and this practice was known as Johar. Alauddin Khilji was entering the castle with his huge army; another huge fire pit was being constructed on the other side of the palace. 15,000 women including queen Padmavati gave their lives in Agni Kund (Fire Pit).King Ratan Sen and his soldiers fought Alauddin till his last breath and in the end; they all die in the battle. When King Alauddin reached inside the palace, he saw only ashes. It shows that their respect for Indian women is everything.
 Rani Padmavati Of Chittor