Shocking Facts Related To Sikhism

Shocking Facts Related To Sikhism

By on September 19, 2017

Shocking Facts Related To Sikhism


When Guru Gobind Singh founded Khalsa Panth, he requested the Sikhs to wear Panj Kakaar (Five Ks). Kesh, Kanga, Kirpan, Kachera, and Kara, These are called Panj Kakaar. These Panj Kakaar are important in religious sight as well as in scientific sight. Let’s discuss the importance of these Panj Kakaar.

Kanga: – When the Khalsa Panth was established then there was no shampoo at that time. The people of that time used the comb to clean their hair. According to the scientists, if you used Kanga (comb) 2-3 times a day, your hair will remain clean as well as normal blood circulation in the head.

Kesh: – (Hair) Kesh is given an important place in Sikhism. Usually, people with long hair are regarded as a symbol of saintliness and bravery. People with long hair are superb and impressive. Long hairs provide protection to head. During the war in ancient times, due to the turban on the head, the head was protected from attacks.

Kara: – This iron jewelry has been given a status of the weapon in Sikh religion. This jewel worn in the left-hand works like a weapon in times of trouble. Its round shape symbolizes the inconsistency of religion and existence.

Kirpan: – Kirpan is considered to be a symbol of power along with self-defense. It is designed to eradicate evil from the religions. According to Guru Gobind Singh, the Sikh should always be ready to fight against evil. That’s why they should always keep a kirpan with them. And also commanded that this Kirpan should be used only for protection.

Kachera: – In the time of the war when soldiers used to ride the horse. Then at that time, they needed something to cover their bodies. Therefore, Kachera was invented. Kachera is considered to be a symbol of self-restraint as well as used to covering the body. And it has its own importance in Sikhism.

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