Story Of Friendship Between India And Russia

Story Of Friendship Between India And Russia

By on June 27, 2017
Story Of Friendship Between India And Russia
Most of the people know that the relation between India and Russia has always been good. But very few people know that Russia has helped India many times. Although good relations between India and the US are being established today. But we will retain our friendship with Russia. When the war was going on between India and Pakistan in 1970. Pakistan’s condition at that time was very bad. Indian Air Force attacked East Pakistan and destroyed their army. Then that US President Richard Nixon talked to his secretary and decided that he would help Pakistan. It is also said that Nixon told Indira Gandhi that if she does not give up in the war, then she will have to face the war consequence too. Later, Nixon ordered to send his aircraft carrier to the Indian Ocean. The United Kingdom also supported America and sent his aircraft carrier to the Indian Ocean. The United States also persuaded his friend China to help Pakistan, and after this, China also sent his aircraft to the Indian Ocean. At that time Jordan also sent his 4 aircraft to help the Pakistan. After that Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France, and United Arab Emirates also sent their air crafts to help the Pakistan. In this way, the United States and the United Kingdom made plans to encircle India in the war. India came to know that an American aircraft carrier has come very close to them. This American aircraft was filled with thousands of nuclear weapons. Then India sent INS Vikrant to fight it. China was unable to help Pakistan because of the winter that time. Because of the heavy snowfall in the mountains, the Chinese army could not reach Pakistan. Many countries of the world were giving their support to Pakistan at that time. Because of this, Pakistan’s situation was looking strong in the war. Only then Russia decides to help India in this war. At that time Russia was known as the Soviet Union. Russia warned many countries, including Iran and Saudi Arabia, later China also decided to withdraw his name from this war. India wrote a letter to Russia in which India told about the nefarious intentions of other countries. According to a treaty between India and Russia, if the war occurs, then both countries will help each other. Then Russia also sent its ships to help India with nuclear weapons. Now America and the United Kingdom knew that India is not alone in this war. Before the arrival of American aircraft carriers in India, Russia surrounded them all. Russian submarines in Madagascar surrounded the UK aircraft carriers. In this way, Russia stopped India from fighting with America and the UK and India liberated Bangladesh with the help of Russia.