Story Of Friendship Between Israel And India

By on July 30, 2017
Story Of Friendship Between Israel And India
True friends are those who stand with you not only in happiness but also in grief. There will be many friends in your life. But there are only a few friends who come forward to help us when we need them. Similarly, there are only a few friends of India, who can be called as true friends. One such country is Israel, who has supported India in every battle. A few years ago, when India defeated Pakistan army in 1984 and captured Siachen area. The Pakistani army did not accept this defeat and they decided to take revenge from India. After this, they started a new operation to take revenge from India and that operation was named Kargil. The Pakistani Army presented Operation Kargil in front of President Muhammad Zia-UL-Haq. Under this operation, if the Pakistani army occupied the Kargil then they will separate the rest of Kashmir from India easily. But Zia-UL-Haq did not have so much faith in this operation. So he did not launch this operation. But, 15 years after 1984, Pervez Musharraf decided to resume this operation. When local people, saw some bustling on the border on May 5, 1999. So they told everything to the Indian army without losing time. The Indian Army sent Capt Saurabh Kalia and 5 soldiers to look into the border situation. But unfortunately, none of them came back. The Indian army seemed to realize that there was some disturbance on the border. Pakistani soldiers had entered Kargil having changed their identity. Indian Army declared Operation Vijay without losing time. More than 30,000 soldiers of the Indian army were involved in this operation. The biggest problem of Indian soldiers in the Kargil war was that the enemies were stationed on the hills of Kargil. As soon as Indian soldiers climbed the hill, the enemy used to attack them with bullets. Apart from this, Pakistani Army also had high-tech weapons provided by the US and China. Even the US cheated India during the Kargil war. When India needed the GPS in fighter aircraft’s to trace the Pakistan Army’s bases. Then the U.S. Had refused to give GPS services to India. At that time Israel was the only country in the world that stood with India. Israel had decided to share its hi-tech weapons with India. At that time India needed the unmanned aircraft’s so that they could locate the bases of Pakistani forces. Israel gave unmanned aircraft’s to the Indian army, as well as providing satellite images of Pakistani bases. In the Arabian Ocean, thousands of kilometers away from Kargil, Indian navy was competing with the navy of Pakistan. But Pakistan had the Harpoon missile given by the US. The Indian Army had no weapon against this missile. While helping India, Israel gave us Barak missiles. These missiles were so dangerous that when Pakistan came to know about it, he did not dare to attack India from Harpoon missile. Even Israel had provided laser-guided missiles for the Mirage fighter jets. These missiles used to wreak havoc in the day and in the night as well. India had powerful Bofors guns. But due to the long war, India’s ammunition was ending. In such a situation, Israel provided ample ammunition to India. Even the United States, China, and many big nations put pressure on Israel so that he leaves India’s support. But Israel did not care about anyone and was standing with India in the battle of Kargil till the end. In this way, we can say that the credit of Kargil victory goes to the brave soldiers of India, along with India’s friend Israel. This is not the first time Israel had helped India and India has also helped Israel many times. But the governments of the two countries keep these things secret for their own political gains. In India, Israeli Ambassador Mark Sofer once said in his interview. Everybody knows that there has been a defense agreement between India and Israel. But nobody knows what is written in that agreement and it will always be a mystery.