Story of Kanyakumari

Story of Kanyakumari

By on May 13, 2017
Story of Kanyakumari
As we know, Kanyakumari is counted in the most beautiful cities of India. But very few people know how it was named Kanyakumari. Asura (devil) Banasura has been mentioned in mythology. He had terrorized the heaven and the earth. All the Gods and the sages were afraid of him. Banasura received a Vardan (boon) from Lord Shiva with his extreme austerity. According to the boon, Banasura could only be killed by a virgin girl. In ancient times, the reign of King Bharat was. King Bharat had eight sons and one daughter. It is said that the part of the Goddess (Adi Parashakti) was born in the house of Raja Bharat as that daughter. That girl’s name was Kumari. After a few years, Raja Bharat divided 9 equal parts of his empire in between his 8 sons and 1 daughter. Kumari got south region and she served her field with full sincerity. According to mythology, Kumari had fallen in love with Lord Shiva. To get Lord Shiva, Kumari took a lot of penance and pleased with the austerity of Kumari, Lord Shiva decided to give her a boon. Kumari asked Lord Shiva if you are pleased with my penance, then marry me. Lord Shiva assured Kumari that they will come to your house with a procession soon. When Narada Muni realizes to know that Kumari was born to kill Banasura, he immediately gave this information to the Devatas (God). Then all the Devatas (Gods) decided that they would have to stop this marriage for the welfare of the universe. On the other hand, Lord Shiva’s procession had left for India’s southern region. But the Devatas did not let Lord Shiva to reach the southern region with their cleverness and in the meantime, the auspicious time of marriage was also ended. Then Lord Shiva decided to go back to Kailasa. Meanwhile, Banasura came to know about the beauty of the Kumari and he told the Kumari that he wants to marry him. Kumari said to Banasura if he would beat her in the war, then she would marry him. Banasura accepted this bet of Kumari and then the war started and Kumari killed Banasura in this war. And finally, all the gods got rid of the atrocities of Banasura. Kumari later abandoned the desire to marry Lord Shiva and decided that she would never marry in life. This is the reason that this southern area of India is called Kanyakumari.

Famous Temples Of Kanyakumari: –
  • Kumari Temple: –  Goddess Parvati’s girl shape is worshiped in this temple. This temple is very near the coast of Kanyakumari. Before entering this temple, men have to remove clothes from their waist to the top.
  • Sri Adi Sankaracharya Temple: – Shri Adi Shankaracharya circulated all over India and brought the principles of Advaita to the common people. The temple of Shri Adi Shankaracharya is located in various states of India; this temple is a symbol of national unity.
There is a confluence of 3 seas (Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean, and Arabian sea) in Kanyakumari, hence this place is also known as Triveni Sangam.
  • Thiruvalluvar Statue: – A large statue of the famous Tamil poet, Thiruvalluvar, appears only a short distance from the sea coast. Thousands of artisans made their contribution in the construction of this statue.
  • Nagaraja Temple: – This temple is located in the city of Nagercoil. To see this temple there is a large number of tourist’s visiting. King Vasuki of snakes is worshiped in this temple. This temple largely resembles the architectural style Buddhist monastery of China.

Chola, Chera, Pandya rulers ruled Kanyakumari and their glimpse is visible on all the buildings here.