The Golden Temple As House Of God

The Golden Temple As House Of God

By on July 4, 2017
The Golden Temple As House Of God
Gurdwara Harmandir Sahib is one of the most beautiful and important places of Amritsar. Which you also know as the Golden Temple. It is also called “the House of God”. This Gurudwara is known for its unity and righteousness throughout the world. Centuries ago when there was a reign of Emperor Akbar in India. Emperor Akbar gave the land donation to make Golden Temple and Sai Mian Mir laid the foundations of Golden Temple. Mian Mir was a Muslim by religion, but he was very much attached to the Sikh religion. There was a good friendship between Mian Mir of Lahore and the fifth Guru Arjan Dev of Sikhs. Before the creation of Harmandir Sahib, it took the decision that people of every religion can come to this temple. In December 1588, Arjan Dev had laid the foundation of this temple by the hands of Mian Mir. Ram Das who was the fourth Guru of the Sikhs started constructing the pond. External forces often damaged the Golden Temple, but this holy temple of faith was rebuilt. According to historians, when the Afghans completely destroyed this Golden Temple in the 19th century. Then Maharaja Ranjit Singh climbed the gold layer on the dome of this temple. The golden temple was first made of stones and bricks. But later Marbles were installed in it. The rebuilding of the temple and the damage done to the temple by the enemies there were written inscriptions in a temple. Jahan Khan the commander of Ahmad Shah Abdali attacked the Golden Temple with his entire army. But he did not know that his fight was with the army of Brave Sikhs. Where the army of the Sikhs destroyed Jahan Khan and his army in the war. Perhaps you will not believe but during the First World War, the British had done here Monolithic text (Akhand Path). People of all religions have complete freedom to go to this temple. Four doors made in the temple show the unity of the four religions. Every day more than 100000 people come here to eat food. But during the festivals, the number of people reaches 200,000. You will always find halva in the temple. About 200,000 loaves are made in this temple every day. It is said that Emperor Akbar had also eaten offerings (Prasad) among the common people in this temple. More than 35% of the people in this temple are from other religions other than the Sikhs. Here both poor and millionaires offers their service. Some people believe that from the middle of the lake, the path that goes here shows that even after death there is a long journey. The Taj Mahal has been considered as one of the 7 wonders, and every year 3000000 tourists visit this beauty. But in the golden temple, more than 3000000 people come in the same month. According to the BBC’s channel list, which place should you look before you die, Taj Mahal was at 10th place and Golden Temple was at the 6th place. Whenever the country has faced the natural disaster, then the Golden Temple has helped.