The Greatest And Destructive Wars Of Indian History

The Greatest And Destructive Wars Of Indian History

By on October 8, 2017

The Greatest And Destructive Wars Of Indian History


It is known to all that India is one of the ancient countries in the world. And the Indus Valley civilization, which is considered as one of the oldest civilizations. There have been many wars on Indian soil. But there are some selected battles that have immortalized their names in history. Because in these wars more bravery was exhibited than the military power. In these wars, heroes performed extraordinary heroism, due to which their name became immortal in history.

Battle Of Chamkaur: – In this war in which 40 Sikhs had faced 1000000 Mughal soldiers. On December 22, 1704, on the banks of river Sirsa, a historic war was fought between the Sikhs and the Mughals on the Chamkaur. Which later became known as the glorious war in history. The 40 Sikhs were led by Guru Gobind Singh in this war. On the other side, Wazir Khan was leading the 1000000 Mughal soldiers. Wazir Khan wanted to make Guru Gobind Singh his prisoner at any cost. Because even after Aurangzeb’s pressure, Guru Gobind Singh did not accept the leadership of the Mughals. But Guru Gobind Singh and his Sikhs had a spectacular display of bravery and did not give a chance to Wazir Khan to succeed in his intentions. And 1000000 Mughal soldiers failed to catch Guru Gobind Singh. This war is famous for the courage of the Sikhs in the history and their faith in religion.

Battle Of The Hydaspes (320 BC): – It would not be wrong to call this war the most horrific war in Indian history. This war took place between the invader Alexander of Greece and King Porus of the Paurava kingdom, near the Jhelum River. Although King Porus was defeated in this war. But in view of his bravery, Alexander’s soldiers refused to fight the Nanda Empire. Eventually, Alexander had to return to Greece including the army. This war is also famous as the battle of Jhelum.

Kalinga War: – It would not be wrong to say that Kalinga War completely changed Indian history. This war took place 262 BCE between the great King Ashoka of Maurya Empire and King Anantha Padmanabhan of Kalinga. The victory of the Kalinga war was the last victory of Ashoka’s. Emperor Ashoka’s heart changed after looking at the destruction in the Kalinga war. And after this war, Emperor Ashoka banned the policy of his state expansion. It was only after this war that Ashoka adopted Buddhism.

Battle Of Haldighati: – On June 18, 1576, there was a war between Rana of Mewar and Emperor Akbar of the Mughal Empire. Rana Pratap had refused to accept Akbar’s supremacy. Rana Pratap fought with great bravery in this war. But ultimately he had to face defeat. It is said that even in this war, destruction like Mahabharata was seen. It is believed that neither Akbar’s victory in this war nor the defeat of Rana Pratap. If the Mughals had more soldiers in their army than Rana Pratap was also full of self-confidence. Rana Pratap never talks about the treaty with Akbar and fought a war with respect.

The First Battle Of Tarain: – The first battle of the Tarain took place in the field of Tarain in 1191. This war happened between the Hindu Rajput king Prithviraj Chauhan and invader Mohammed Ghori. In this war, Muhammad Ghori faced a shameful defeat. Muhammad Ghori was badly injured in this war and he had to run from Indian land. But in the second war, Muhammad Ghori won. And after this victory, the external invaders had taken possession of India to a great extent. And they continue ruled here for a long time.

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