The Mysterious Death Of Indian Physicist Homi Bhabha

The Mysterious Death Of Indian Physicist Homi Bhabha

By on November 4, 2017

The Mysterious Death Of Indian Physicist Homi Bhabha

In the 60’s, our country was preparing to become a nuclear power. Homi J. Bhabha is considered to be the father of the Indian nuclear program. He once said that if the Indian government allows us, we will make India a nuclear power in 18 months. His statement shows that at that time India was progressing very fast. Homi Bhabha wanted to use nuclear energy for the good of mankind. The second objective was also to protect India from their enemy. But perhaps there was someone who was afraid of becoming India’s nuclear power. Homi Bhabha died in an air crash on January 24, 1966. After his death, the Indian nuclear program had almost ended. This mysterious death of Homi Bhabha was given the shape of an accident. Even today, no specific information related to Homi Bhabha’s death has been received. Nobody knows his death was an accident or murder. Homi Bhabha was going to Vienna for a meeting on that plane. A year before his death, in 1965 he had said that he would make an atomic bomb in 18 months. From the beginning, Homi Bhabha’s death was considered to be mysterious and confused. After all, who benefited from his death? Some websites claimed that Homi Bhabha was murdered. Some believe that behind the death of Homi Bhabha, the American intelligence agency CIA has the hand. Some statements from CIA officer Robert Crowley have been published in the different websites.

Robert Crowley: – There was a problem with us, India was working on the atomic bomb in the 60s.Russia was helping India in that. Trust me; they were dangerous, an unfortunate accident happened to them. They were in the plane of Vienna to increase the problem. Only then was the explosion in his Boeing 707 cargo happened.

 It would not be wrong to say that the CIA had complete knowledge about Homi Bhabha’s death. But even today, due to lack of evidence, Homi Bhabha’s death is a mystery. Was the murder of Homi Bhabha really done by the CIA? And if yes, what did they gain? Homi Bhabha was a founding member of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. The relations between India and the United States at that time were not something special. And America did not want India to become a nuclear power. Indian physicist Vikram Sarabhai, who is also called the father of the space program in India. He wanted to make India a space power. America was quite upset due to India’s Nuclear and Space Program. If both programs were successful, then the problems of Pakistan would increase. Because at that time India had defeated Pakistan in the 1965 war. There was a great friendship between Pakistan and America at the time. On January 24, 1966, India lost a great nuclear scientist, whose name was Homi Bhabha. On December 30, 1971, after a few years of Homi Bhabha’s death, Vikram Sarabhai died mysteriously. Even his postmortem was not done. Many Indian scientists have died in the last several years. Many Indian scientists have died mysteriously in the last several years. Sadly, all these deaths have been given the shape of an accident. Due to this incident, India had to wait for 10 years to build a nuclear bomb. On May 18, 1974, India conducted the first nuclear test in Pokhran.

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