The Name Of India's Greatest King Erased From History

The Name Of India’s Greatest King Erased From History

By on November 14, 2017

The Name Of India's Greatest King Erased From History


Only the stories of the Mughals are told in the schools of our country. Like, Babur came to India, Akbar died and Shah Jahan constructed the Red Fort, etc. This is because some historians have presented the work of the Mughals in a big way. It is unfortunate for us that very few people in the country know about the Maharaja Vikramaditya. It was Vikramaditya who made India a golden bird. Today if Sanatan Dharma is alive in India then only because of Vikramaditya. Because there was a time when Sanatan Dharma was almost ending from India. At that time people in the country were increasingly moving towards Buddhism and Jainism. Texts like Ramayana and Mahabharata were almost extinct. Maharaja Vikramaditya re-established them. In the Indian Hindu Calendar “Vikram Samvat Period (Kaal)” is composed according to the birth of Maharaja Vikramaditya. But even then the historian says that Vikramaditya is a mythological character. The rule of Vikramaditya was long before the Gupta dynasty. They were contemporary to Christ. Vikramaditya was born in Ujjain about 2000 years ago. After seeing his bravery and dexterity, his father, Gandharvasena gave his empire to Vikramaditya. After seeing his bravery and dexterity, his father, Gandharvasena made him the successor of his entire empire. It is believed that he ruled for almost 100 years. His rule was called the Golden period of India. During the reign of Vikramaditya, foreign traders bought clothes from India and paid them by gold. At that time there was so much gold in India that India was called to be a gold bird. In the time of Vikramaditya only gold coins used to run. He economically made India a strong country in the world. After Rama rule in India, Vikramaditya’s period has been considered the best. After adopting Ashoka’s Buddhism, Sanatan Dharma was almost ending in India. On the other hand, the Shakas rulers had started attacking India. At that time the Shakas had occupied the whole of China, Iran and Greece. At that same time, brave Vikramaditya started his rule and defeated the Shakas from his strong struggle. And in this way he protected Sanatan Dharma and spread Sanatan Dharma also abroad. After defeating a Shakas, the rule of Vikramaditya spread to Arabs, Iran and Iraq. Vikramaditya’s Arab victory is described in the Arabic book. There is a famous library named Makteb-e-Sultania in Istanbul city of Turkey. There is a historical text called Sayar-Ul-Okul in the same library. The book mentions inscriptions related to Vikramaditya. That inscription states that, those people are fortunate who were born under the rule of Vikramaditya. He was very kind, and true brave ruler who always thought about welfare of people. At that time every person in the world was familiar with the name of Vikramaditya. He started the 9 gemstone tradition. Mahakavi Kalidas was also one of those 9 gems. But later people started saying that this tradition was started by the Akbar. There is a lot of narrative series related to Vikramaditya. In that period, more than 100 different types of books were written on him. The most famous of them is Vikram and Betal which is still quite famous today. But sadly, this great ruler has been removed from the books of history. History of Vikramaditya was erased by the Mughals, the British and the Left so that no one could know the story of this great Indian king. It would not be wrong to say that Vikramaditya was the most famous person in India during that period. That was the time when the whole world bowed in front of India. But the Mughals and the British tried to prove that India’s development was only after the arrival of her. The Mughals broke down thousands of temples in India, yet historians call Shah Jahan the great creator. Even today some people say that the British have done a lot of development in India. But people do not know that whenever an English officer returned to London from India, he had to give it in writing in Parliament that how much gold he brought back from there. There are no 2 opinions in it, whenever a country captures another country, their first objective would be robbery, not development.

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