The Real Cause Of The Assassination Of Gandhiji

By on August 29, 2017

Mahatma Gandhi


Most of the people don’t know the real reason of Gandhi’s killing. Most people in India think that Nathuram Godse had killed Mahatma Gandhi because Mahatma Gandhi sat on a hunger strike in protest of the Union Cabinet’s decision to pay Rs 55 crores to Pakistan. This is not entirely true; the real reason behind the assassination of Gandhi by Nathuram Godse was something else. Nathuram Godse came to Delhi in January 1948. India was partitioned in 1947 and many Hindus were fleeing from Pakistan and returning to India. Every second day from Pakistan, the corpses of Hindus were being sent to India by trains. On 22 October 1947, Pakistan invaded Kashmir. Meanwhile, Lord Mountbatten had advised the Indian government to pay Rs 55 crore to Pakistan. But given the current situation, the Union Cabinet decided to ignore the suggestion of Lord Mountbatten. But Gandhiji wanted to immediately give this amount to Pakistan, so he sat on hunger strike. Nathuram Godse tolerated that step, which Gandhi had raised. Although he was angry with Gandhiji but this resentment was not enough to kill him. Considering the slaughter of Hindus and the rape done with women, Nathuram Godse’s anger was more to Jinnah and Muslims, not for Gandhiji. In Delhi, Nathuram Godse was engaged in helping refugees coming from Pakistan. Meanwhile, Godse saw that police was throwing Hindu refugees out of the mosque. Significantly, refugees took shelter in Temples and Gurudwaras. When some people were not found any place, the refugees took shelter in an empty mosque to avoid the rain. As soon as Gandhiji came to know this, he sat on a protest outside the mosque and started pressuring the government. So that refugees leave the mosque. At that time when police was throwing people out of the mosque, Nathuram Godse was present there. Seeing the children standing there crying, Godse’s heart was started crying. At that time Godse decided that now this Mahatma will have to go from the world. At that time, he swore that he would kill Gandhi. It is no wonder that Gandhi always bowed in front of the policy of Muslim confirmation. Due to Jinnah’s stubbornness, the country was partitioned and Gandhi did nothing. Millions of people were killed and left homeless due to partition. Godse believed that Gandhi was taking the support of fasting to fulfill his stubbornness. Godse thought that to protect Hinduism and India, he would have to kill Gandhi. Significantly, Godse also praised Gandhi’s contribution in the freedom movement. But the way Gandhi was fighting for the rights of Muslims repeatedly, Godse did not like this. That is why Godse killed Gandhi and left the decision on history. This is the reason that Godse killed Gandhi and left the decision on history.

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