The Result Of Indira Gandhi’s Mistakes

The Result Of Indira Gandhi’s Mistakes

By on July 16, 2017
The Result Of Indira Gandhi's Mistakes
The greed of throne in politics in India has become the cause of the destruction of India. Gandhi family is the biggest example of this. If there is a look at the pages of Indian history, the greed of the prime ministers of the Gandhi family is clearly visible for power. Even Indira Gandhi played a dirty deal with the history of the country to save her political seat. Even today, many people of our country consider Akbar as great and Maharana Pratap as a coward. But the truth is exactly the opposite. Some Leftist ideologies have erased it from history. The most surprising thing is that Indira Gandhi remained silent even after knowing all this. This is the matter 1971 when Indira Gandhi wanted support from the leftist peoples to become Prime Minister. According to the agreement, the leftists said to Indira Gandhi if you want to become a Prime Minister, then one of our people will have to give the post of Education Minister. Because of the greed, Indira Gandhi accepted the agreement of the leftist people. Later, the hardcore ideologist Dr. Nurul Hasan was given the post of Union Education Minister. In 1972, the Leftists formed the Indian Council of Historical Research and announced the rewriting of history. History written by well-known historians like Jadunath Sarkar, R. C. Majumdar, and Govind Sakharam Sardesai, was ignored. It was announced that out of Indian textbooks all those articles should be removed, which are affecting Indian unity and the feelings of Muslims. Once in his speech at the University of Aligarh, Dr. Nurul Hasan had said that the incidents of the massacre of Indian temples and Hindus by Aurangzeb and other rulers like him obstruct national unity. This is the misfortune of our India country that children of our country are unable to read that how Aurangzeb did made the massacre of Hindus. The Leftists did not mention in the books about how the Muslim rulers looted this country. It is surprising that there is no committee to examine which articles are written in the books of the schools. Even today, many Leftists have been sitting on the education front at the mercy of the Congress. In these Leftists, somebody writes that there is no existence of Lord Rama, and then someone writes that Mahabharata is just a story. Now the time has come when this false history should throw out of the books and its truth should be brought in front of the public. So that our future generations can know the true history of India.