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The Rich Nizams Of Hyderabad

The Rich Nizams Of Hyderabad

By on April 27, 2017
You must have heard the name of Nizam-UL-Mulk. The Nizam of Hyderabad used to have immense wealth at one time. Mir Qamar-ud-Din Siddiqi founded an Asaf Jah dynasty. At that time he used to be Viceroy in the Mughal Empire (1713 of 1721). Mir Qamar-ud-Din Siddiqi declared himself independent in Hyderabad when the Mughal Sultanate had ended in 1724. Mir Kamar-ud-Din Siddiqui declared himself independent in Hyderabad when the Mughal Sultanate (Kingdom) had ended in 1724.When the Mughals began to weaken. At the same time, the empire of Maratha was spreading very fast. The Marathas had invaded the Nizam somewhere in the year 1720 and due to the defeat in these attacks, Nizam had to pay a lot of tax. There were many wars between the Nizam and Maratha in these places in Bhopal, RakshasBhuvan and Kharda and in all this Nizam had to face defeat. When Bajirao defeated Nizam in Deccan, he had no other way. He had to obey all the rules and rules of the Marathas.
The Rich Nizams Of Hyderabad

The second war between the British and Marathas took place in 1805. In this war, the British had defeated the Marathas. After defeating the battle of Maratha, Nizam came to the refuge of the East India Company. Hyderabad was a state which spread over 214,190 km in comparison to the princely states of that time. According to that census, 85% of the population was Hindus. In spite of having such a large population of Hindus, they did not receive the respect and prestige in the army, police and other government places which they deserved. In the state army, about 72% Muslims, 24% Hindus and 6 to 8% of other religions People were. 40% of the land was owned by the Nizam and some of the wealthy Muslims like him.When Hindustan and Pakistan were partitioned, many states adopted it happily. But the Nizam wanted Hyderabad to remain free. He decided that he would not allow Hyderabad to become part of India or Pakistan. But there was a wave of change in India at that time. After 200 years of slavery, the people of this country, who were liberated from the British, did not want that they should now fight among themselves. That is why the leaders of the Indian Union of that time wanted that the country should now fully unite. Indian Army launched Operation Polo and entered Hyderabad in September 1948 and captured it. The Nizam had to retreat.
The Rich Nizam Of Hyderabad
Asaf Jah rulers ruled Hyderabad for many years. He played an important role in enhancing literary,culture and architecture. By 1947, 7 Nizams ruled Hyderabad. They ruled Hyderabad for nearly 200 years. The last Nizam of the world was the richest man of that time. Nizams has contributed a lot in making Muslims aware of their identity in Hyderabad. During the British Empire, the Nizams had built roads, railways, irrigation and reservoirs, schools, colleges, and science institutes. He met all the basic needs of the people. Almost all of the famous and public buildings in Hyderabad have been constructed by the Nizams. First Nizam had ruled within the Mughals. But when Aurangzeb died, Nizam announced that he would now make his own separate state. When the British had completely occupied India, Nizam was elected the king of his kingdom and British gave him full permission to rule. The rule of the Nizams remained until 17 September 1948. Only 7 of Asaf  Jah Dynasty were the only legitimate rulers who ruled Hyderabad. After 13 years the Nizam’s three sons also ruled, but their rule was not officially recognized. According to a story, Nizam went hunting in the forest and he had nothing to eat, a divine person gave him bread and Nizam ate 7 loaves. Then the person predicted that 7 generations would rule in your family.
The Rich Nizam Of Hyderabad
The most precious jewels in the Nizams property, which were shown occasionally in the year at the Salar Jung Museum. To see Jewels of Nizam, international tourists come in very large numbers. The population of Hyderabad was 1.7 million in 1948 and the estimated annual revenue of approximately £90,029,000 rupees was collected from this population. Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan had accumulated money with very fast. And because of this habit, a time came when Nizam Mir Usman Ali Khan became the richest man in the world. Hyderabad State had its own currency (Hyderabadi Rupee) till 1951. It is estimated that the value of his property is approximately Rupees 660 crores. Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan was described as the fifth richest person in history, with a property worth $ 222 billion in Forbes All-Time Wealthiest List 2008.