The Secret Of Five Temples Of Kiradu

The Secret Of Five Temples Of Kiradu

By on June 20, 2017
The Secret Of Five Temples Of Kiradu
  • The Kiradu Temple, also known as the Khajuraho of Rajasthan. There has been no worship in this temple in the last 900 years and it has remained completely a deserted place. The construction of the Kiradu temples was around the 11th Century. Temples of Kiradu is known all over the world for its unique sculpture. It is located in the Barmer district of Rajasthan. Even today, in the day you can see some activities of the people, but at night, this place is transformed into a deserted desert. According to historians, the city of Kiradu was a fully developed city of its time. Even the people of the other city used to come here to do their own business. It is said that this entire city began to be deserted when the rule of Paramara dynasty was established in the 12th Century. However, the whole truth is not known to anyone. But a story related to it is quite famous.
The Story Of The Curse Of The Monk On The City Of Kiradu:-
  • According to the stories, there is a curse of a monk in this city. 900 years ago when Paramara dynasty was ruled, at the same time a knowledgeable monk came here to stay. After staying for a few days, the monk left the city and he ordered all his disciples to stay there. After a few days, all his disciples started getting sick. In the city, no one took care of the disciples of the monk except for a potter’s wife. When the monk returned to the city he became very angry. The monk said that, if people of this city do not have a sense of kindness, so they have no right to live. He cursed the people there and all of them became stone. The Potter’s’ wife, who had taken care of the disciples, the monk gave her the evening time to leave the city and also told her not to look back. But after walking some distance, she looked back and became a stone too. Nobody knows how much truth is in this story.
  • Some historians believe that Kiradu was destroyed due to attacks by the Mughals. But the Mughals invaded Kiradu in the 14th century. And Kiradu was deserted in the 12th century itself. This shows that the city was not deserted by the Mughal attacks.
Construction Of Temples Of Kiradu:-
  • There is no convincing proof of who built the temple of Kiradu. However, 3 inscriptions of the 12th century have been found here. But they haven’t given any information related to the construction of the temple.
First Inscription: – Vikram Samvat 24 January 1153, which was the time of Chalukya Kumar Pal of Gujarat. 
Second Inscription: – Vikram Sawant 1161 AD, Genealogy details from Parmar Sindhuraj to Someshwar.
Third Inscription: – Vikram Sawant 1235, in which has been told about the Lord Chauhan Madan Brahmadev of Chalukya King Bhimdev second of Gujarat.
  • Most historians believe that the construction of the temples of Kiradu was done by King Dulshalraj and his descendants of the Paramara dynasty in the 11th Century. At one time there were 5 grand temples in Kiradu. But due to the earthquake of the 19th century, these temples were badly damaged. Now only 2 of these 5 temples are in perfect condition. The first is the Vishnu temple and the second Someshwar temple. The largest temple here is Someshwar. The architecture here was established only because of the Vishnu temple and the Someshwar temple is considered to be the end of this flourishing art. After seeing carvings and artworks in these ancient temples, it seems that you have reached in the other era. The artwork made in the walls of these temples tell the story of their past. The architecture built in the ruins is a symbol of the skills of artisans of that period. The beauty of the wonderful art has been shown from the base of the temple to the stones of the roof. Look at the stone statue of Gajdhar, Ashwadhar and Lord Rama chasing Golden Deer; it seems they all will be alive. The Someshwar temple here is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The construction of this temple of Lord Shiva is auspicious and supernatural. This temple stands on many pillars. From outside, this temple looks like a temple of Khajuraho and looks like Meenakshi temple from inside. Due to the art of the elephants and horses made in black and blue stones, the beauty of the temple gets increased. Lord Shiva’s Pavilion built inside the temple is also very beautiful. The second temple of Kiradu is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Although the Vishnu temple is much smaller than the Someshwar temple, but it is quite rich in terms of architecture and art. In addition to these two temples, there are also 3 fractured temples.