The Unheard Story Of War Between India And China

By on July 27, 2017
The unheard story of war between India and China
Whenever the name of the Indian Army comes to our tongue, then every time we feel proud of our army. But the anger of India’s defeat at the hands of China in 1962 is still in the heart of every Indian. India’s defeat in that war did not happen because of its weakened army. India was defeated because decisions made by leaders of India were wrong. But very few of you know that in 1967 India taught China the lesson. Today we will talk about that war when the Indian army dusted the Chinese army. This is the matter of September 1967, China never considered Sikkim as part of India. The way in which China had occupied Tibet, now he wanted to take possession of Sikkim. Between the soldiers of India and China, there was often an atmosphere of tension on the border. Therefore, India decided that it would lay a long line of thorns from Nathula to Sibylla to remove such tension. 70 Field Company of Engineers and a group of 18 Rajputs took over the responsibility of work. When the work started, a Chinese Army officer asked to stop the work from the Indian Army. Now there was a tension on both sides. During that time, Chinese and Indian soldiers quarreled with the each other. Later the Chinese soldiers returned to their bunker. And Indian soldiers continued work of laying wires. After a while, the Chinese soldiers started firing on the Indian Army. In this attack, 70 soldiers of the Indian Army were martyred. After this, the Indian Army took revenge of the death of their soldiers and attacked the Chinese army. During the attack, the Indian army has killed 400 soldiers of the Chinese army on the border. A lot of Chinese bunkers were destroyed by the Indian army. After this, India was accused of violating the border. The bodies of soldiers were exchanged in the presence of many senior officials on 15th September. Instead of taking lessons from defeat in this attack, China attacked India again. But this time China’s fight was with the Gurkhas. One of the most dangerous soldiers in the world. On October 1, 1967, the Gorkha Rifle Commander Gyan Bahadur Limbu was stationed on the Indian border in the Cho La area of Sikkim. He had a slight verbal fight started with the Chinese soldiers. During this time, a Chinese soldier wounded the Gyan Bahadur Limbu. After this, Gurkha soldiers showed their colors and cut off the hand of the soldier with his Knife (Khurkhi). After this, the firing began on both sides and the war continued for several more days. This time too, the Indian Army had worsened the condition of the Chinese army and pushed them behind km from the border. Major Joshi of Rajputana Regiment, Colonel Rai Singh, and Harbhajan Singh were the heroes of that war. Even after being injured Major Joshi had killed many Chinese officers. When the bullets of these soldiers ended then these soldiers started killing the Chinese soldiers with their Knife (Khukri). A monument has also been built in Nathula in memory of these martyrs. Whenever you get a chance to visit Sikkim then you must go here.