Truth Of Hindu Mythology

Truth Of Hindu Mythology

By on November 23, 2017

Truth Of Hindu Mythology


Today we will talk about the composition of Hindu mythology and discuss the facts related to it. According to the will of God, the belief of one religion is expressed in the Almighty God and through a prophet, life is in a method. In order to attain eternal happiness in heaven after death. Let’s take a look at this religion who believes that God has many forms. There are many gods and goddesses and also there are lots of ways to live your life. This religion has no need for the concept of evil because every event is the reaction to the event before. According to this religion, there are many heaven and hell in it, where the gods can be punished and demons can be worshiped. According to this religion, the universe has many levels and various creatures are found in it.  And it is believed that time is infinite in which events repeatedly repeat himself. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to try to understand one religion in the context of other religions. Therefore, to understand Hindu mythology, it is important to understand the sacred texts, art, rituals, and rituals of Hinduism. We must separate from the Western beliefs of right-wrong, religious-sin, beginning-end, prophetic-demonic, heaven-hell, and salvation. These concepts were made to meet the needs of the West.  And today, these concepts are the basis of Christianity and Islam. India has developed a different world vision during the last 4000 years and whose concepts have emerged as different social and cultural phenomena. According to the words of saints and monks, the conceptions have been changed from time to time to meet local people’s needs. European scholars defined this world vision as the religion due to the deep impact of the Bible. It was just a lifestyle for the people of India, in which they were born.