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Unbreakable Friendship Of Krishna And Sudama

Unbreakable Friendship Of Krishna And Sudama

By on April 25, 2017
Sudama was a Hindu Brahmin and was a very good friend of Lord Krishna. As has been said in the Bhagavata Purana, once Sudama went to Dwaraka to meet his friend Krishna. Sudama is known as Kuchela in South India. Sudama was born in a very poor family. He was the son of Matuka and Rocana-Devi. Krishna, on the other hand, had a relationship with the royal family. But Krishna never let his richness come between him and Sudama’s friendship. But after some time the contact between them was broken. As the years passed, Krishna became the king of Mathura and he had all the amenities. And on the other side, Sudama was facing a lot of trouble in his life. Sudamaalso had to face such days when his family had no food to eat. He was not able to fill his children’s stomach too. Sudama could not understand what he would do now. At the same time, Sudama’s wife (Sushila) said that you should seek help from your childhood friend. But Sudama says that I cannot go to Krishna. I have not talked to him for years now. If I go to him, then what will he think about me? Sudama now remembers me when he does not have food to eat. But after the repeated pressure of Sushila, Sudama finally agreed. But now there was a problem that there was nothing in the house and it is not right to go empty-handed to anyone’s house. Suddenly, Sudama came to notice that Krishna loved flattened rice (Chirva). Sudama wrapped a little ‘Chirva’ in a cloth bundle and then walked to meet Krishna. 
Unbreakable Friendship Of Krishna And Sudama

When Sudama tries to get inside the gate of Krishna’s palace. So guard standing there asks him where he is going and whom to meet. Sudama says that I have come to meet my childhood friend Krishna. The standing guard is looking at his clothes carefully. There were no slippers in Sudama’s foot and an old dhoti was worn. There is a great surprise to the guards that how can a beggar like this be the best friend of our King Krishna? Then a guard gives Krishna the information that a Brahmin has come out to meet you. When Krishna finds out that his friend Sudama has come out to meet him. He runs away and when he sees his friend Sudama, tears come out with his eyes. Krishna brings Sudama into the palace and washes the feet of Sudama with his own hands. Due to not wearing the slippers, blood is coming out of Sudama’s feet. By seeing such a condition of Sudama, Krishna could not stop his tears. Sudama is surprised by seeing such a love of Krishna. But now Sudama was ashamed to ask for help from Krishna. But Krishna knows the heart of his friend that he is surrounded by a lot of problems. He says to Devi Rukmani (incarnation of Lakshmi) to free my friend from all his problems. When Sudama is going home, he does not know that his family is waiting for him in a big palace. Now there was a huge palace in the place of his hut. Subsequently, Sudama spent her entire life happily with peace. We should learn from this story that richness-poverty between friendship is not seen. Lord Krishna and Sudama have given us a wonderful introduction to friendship. Today, even after thousands of years, we describe this story of Krishna and Sudama. This story is very popular in the Bhagavata.

Unbreakable Friendship Of Krishna And Sudama