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Unsolved Secrets Of Ramayana

By on October 28, 2017

Unsolved Secrets Of Ramayana


All of you must have seen Ramayana once in your life. Ramayana is one of the most sacred texts of India. And all of you will know about every aspect of Ramayana. But today we will discuss some things related to the Ramayana, which you will be surprised after knowing. Through Ramayana, the victory of religion on iniquity was shown. But the shocking thing is that Ramayana was written 2500 years before the birth of Rama. The author of this book Valmiki wrote the Ramayana long ago. In Ramayana, Rama was born in a situation where all the planets were present in their best condition. It is said that children were born on this date are supernatural. Their brain works 15 times faster than normal children. In Ramayana, when Shri Rama was exiled for 14 years. At that time, his age was only 26-27 years. Dasharatha told Rama that you should arrest me and became the king of this kingdom. Later, you will not need to go to exile after becoming king. Lakshmana had cut the nose and ears of the Surpanakha, that’s why Ravana kidnapped Sita. And after that, the days of the destruction of Ravana were started. However, the Surpanakha knew that Ravana was calling his death by kidnapping Sita. Ravana had killed Surpanakha’s husband with fraud. Then Surpanakha cursed Ravana that one day he would die due to her. When Hanuman was in search of Sita crossing the sea. Then Shani Dev created an obstruction in Hanuman’s path, and then Hanuman made him his prisoner. Later, on request of Shani Dev, Hanuman freed him from his imprisonment. Shani Dev did this because he wanted to take the examination of Hanuman. Shani Dev impressed with the bravery of Hanuman and he gave the boon to Hanuman that Shani Dev’s blessings will always be on the devotees of Hanuman. Since then Hanuman is worshiped on Saturdays. Hanuman was not a common monkey. He belonged to the Kapi species. Some people say that even today, Kapi species apes are seen in Indonesia.

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