What Would Happen If Gandhiji Was Alive For Some Years

What Would Happen If Gandhiji Was Alive For Some Years

By on July 22, 2017
What Would Happen If Gandhiji Was Alive For Some Years
After a few months of independence, Gandhiji was shot and assassinated on January 30, 1948, by Nathuram Godse. On that day there was an atmosphere of sadness all over the world. Have you ever wondered what would happen if Gandhiji had been alive for some years? At the time of Gandhiji’s death, his age was 75 years. Let’s assume that he will stay alive for the next 5-6 years. Gandhiji’s personality was very influential and powerful in his last days. He definitely improves the relations between India and Pakistan, settled the Congress and makes the people most dependent in the village. He gives special attention to all these tasks. He wanted to go to Pakistan since August 1947. He also said in September 1947 that I wanted to go Lahore and Rawalpindi. He wrote a letter to Jinnah about going to Pakistan. “He wrote in that letter that the Pakistani government should help the minorities and the people who have fled the country because of fear, call them back to Pakistan. I know what is going on in Punjab & Sind.” Did Jinnah allow Gandhi to come to Pakistan? Jinnah had to agree with Gandhi because the tour of Gandhi was between 13 to 18 January, which means during his fasting. And this fasting was done so that Pakistan would get Rs 55 crores. But India was unable to pay money due to the ongoing tension in Kashmir. A very positive result of this fast could be found in Pakistan. Even relations between India and Pakistan can be improved with regard to Kashmir. Konda Venkatappaiah, a senior Andhra Pradesh leader, wrote a letter to Gandhiji on January 1948. He told about that corruption in that letter there. He said that Congress MLAs are misusing their position and obstruct justice. Gandhiji was shocked to hear this and he thought that the role of Congress has now been fulfilled. This was also one of the reasons for Gandhiji’s fasting. Gandhiji believed that now the Congress should not work as a political party, but for the empowerment of the people. They should focus on issues such as unemployment, untouchability, and illiteracy. 1950 B. R. Ambedkar wrote India’s constitution. If Gandhi was alive; we would surely see his impression in our Constitution. In 1950, India has declared the Democratic Republic and in 1951 there were general elections in India. Gandhiji took advantage of this moment and addressed the public. Gandhiji talks about the dissolution of Congress and Nehru demands votes in the name of Congress, becomes a very confused atmosphere. This makes the Congress split into two parts. Because of this, the impact of Congress legacy will be less and the emergency of 1975 doesn’t even look like that. But Gandhiji does not join any party and he had more social issues because of the competition in the political parties. Gandhiji kept his full attention on social issues, not on the party. In 1952-53, India had a new government. The new government had a clear policy to deal with social issues. Even relations between India and Pakistan would have been good.