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When Muhammad Ali Jinnah Tried To Save Bhagat Singh

By on August 3, 2017
When Muhammad Ali Jinnah Tried To Save Bhagat Singh
Today we will talk about how Muhammad Ali Jinnah had tried to help Bhagat Singh when Bhagat Singh was in jail. We all know about the political differences of Bhagat Singh and Gandhi Ji. During the trial of Bhagat Singh, GandhiJi had to face many criticisms. On the other hand, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who never liked Gandhi’s ideology, nor was he close to Bhagat Singh. At that time Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a famous lawyer and he used to understand the contribution of the revolutionaries. Muhammad Ali Jinnah knew well that the Britisher’s trials against the revolutionaries is just a cheap trick of theirs. He knew that the trials conducted by the British meant only to satisfy the Indians. In the trials conducted by the Britishers, the revolutionaries were not even allowed to defend themselves. This was happening in the 1929 assembly bombing trial of Bhagat Singh, where everyone was watching that the British judge was only hearing for formalities. Later, Bhagat Singh stopped going on trials and he demanded that Indian prisoners should get better facilities in jail and the revolutionary prisoners should get the post of political prisoners. As always, the demands of Bhagat Singh were ignored by the court, and in the absence of Bhagat Singh, proceedings continued. One day, Muhammad Ali Jinnah raised this issue at the Central Legislative Assembly and tried to defend Bhagat Singh. Muhammad Ali Jinnah believed that Bhagat Singh was a political prisoner, and the British law was making a big mistake by treating him as a criminal. Muhammad Ali Jinnah believed that a Bhagat Singh trial was a judicial murder. Because Bhagat Singh’s hunger strike demand was not fulfilled and the proceedings of the court were going on without him. Then Muhammad Ali Jinnah said in front of the British Government. “You all know that these people are ready to put their lives for their country and this is not a joke. I request the members of the law to see how the revolutionaries have put their lives in danger due to the hunger strike. Not everyone is able to sit in such a hunger strike. The person who is sitting on a hunger strike has a soul and they take inspiration from that spirit and they work in hopes of justice. That person is not like those men who execute the worst and cruel incidents. That person is not like those men who execute the worst and cruel incidents.” Meanwhile, the Assembly’s time was over, but Muhammad Ali Jinnah again put his point in the interest of the revolutionaries in the assembly the next day. “I am sorry, whether the way is wrong or right but the youth of India, whose number is more than three crores, they emerging rapidly. In such a way it becomes difficult to stop such crimes. They are misguided and angry because people are unhappy with the attitude of the government.” Bhagat Singh’s Hunger Strike lasted for 116 days; was the longest hunger strike of that time. Historians believe that Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a different leader until 1931. But at that time when the country was being free, then there was a tremendous change in his ideologies. It is also called an important piece of history because when Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt has bombed the assembly, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was also present there. Despite this, Muhammad Ali Jinnah supported Bhagat Singh. Which shows that at that time Muhammad Ali Jinnah used to support revolutionaries.