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When Yudhishthira Said We Are 105 Brothers

By on January 2, 2018

When Yudhishthira Said We Are 105 Brothers


Today we will talk about the statement of the Yudhishthira that is very popular in Mahabharata. This interesting incident has been mentioned in the Mahabharata. This thing happened during the Dvapara Yuga when Pandava was in the exile. Once the enemy planned to attack Duryodhana and somehow Yudhisthira was aware of the plan. The worried Yudhishthira later talked to Bhima about this. But Bhima got angry after hearing this and he said that you are talking about protecting the person who has treated us badly. Duryodhana was the one who insulted Draupadi. The cause of our exile is also Duryodhana. Bhima told Yudhishthira how you forgot all this. When told Arjuna, then Arjuna decided to defend Duryodhana. Then Arjuna took his bow and walked with the Yudhishthira to helped Duryodhana. After a while, Arjuna came and told Yudhishthira that the enemy has been defeated and Duryodhana is now free. Then Yudhishthira smiled and said to Bhima there is hostility among the Kauravas and the Pandavas, but in the eyes of the world, we are brothers. They are 100 and we are 5 and together we are 105. In this way, the insult of any one of us is equal to insult to all 105 brothers. You didn’t understand this but Arjuna understood. After hearing this, Bhima apologized to Yudhishthira.

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