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Why India’s Independence Was Announced At Midnight?

By on August 15, 2017

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Today we will talk about why India’s independence was announced at midnight. When Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of India, was appointed in 1947. He had only one purpose – Transfer of Power from British Rule to Indian Government. It was decided in the first meeting that the transfer of power will be done on 30 June 1948, but in the meantime, riots between Hindus and Muslims started in India. And the reason for these riots was the creation of a new country (Pakistan). Looking at the growing riots in India, Lord Mountbatten changed the date of transfer of power from 30 June 1948 to 15 August 1947. The reason behind choosing August 15 was that it was a lucky date for Lord Mountbatten. Because on August 15, 1945, Japanese Army surrendered to Allied forces during World War II and Lord Mountbatten was then the commander of Allied forces at that time. When it was announced that India would be freed on August 15, then astrologers had opposed this date. Because they believed that according to the constellation, the date of August 15 is very auspicious for the entire country. But Lord Mountbatten remained strict on his date. But Mountbatten remained firm on his date and he rejected the proposal to change the date. Then all the officials decided that India would announce its independence at 12 o’clock on the night of the 14th. Because according to the English calendar, after 12 o’clock August 15 will start. And according to the Vedic calendar, the date before sunrise will remain the August 14. And the two countries accepted this option and this is the reason that India’s independence was announced at 12 o’clock in the night. The source of this information is taken from the book of Freedom at Midnight. If you want to know about things related to the last days of independence, then you should definitely read this book once.

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