According To Ravana Eight Defects Of Women

According To Ravana Eight Defects Of Women

By on May 20, 2017
According To Ravana 8 Defects Of Women
You must have heard the name of Lankapati Ravana. Ravana was the one who kidnapped Mata Sita. But very few people know that he was the supreme devotee of Lord Shiva and he had gained a lot of knowledge from his harsh austerities. When Ravana kidnapped Mata Sita, Shree Ram reached Lanka with his monkey army (Vanara Sena). Then the Ravana’s wife Mandodari got nervous and told her husband Ravana still it is not too late that you should apologize to Shree Ram and returned Sita back to him. Hearing this, Ravana laughed at his wife and he told her about 8 defects of women.

According To Ravana: – 8 defects of women.

  • Women are very courageous and self-confident. But sometimes her courage turns into an audacious. Because of this, the families of women have to face a lot of difficulties.
  • Ravana believed that women speak more lies than men. Because of their habit of lying, they have to face problems again and again in life.
  • Women’s mind is quiet playful compared to men. That is why they cannot focus on one thing and their decision keeps changing. When she has to make any important decisions, she gets nervous.
  • Women are quite vicious. They can go to any extent to get their work done. They can use anybody for their own benefit.
  • Women are adventurous only when circumstances are according to them. When women feel that the situation is not according to them, then they get very nervous and change their decision.
  • Women’s takes a decision without even thinking. And later they have to regret that decision. That is why Ravana has called the women a little foolish.
  • Generally, women are considered to be compassionate. But according to Ravana, women are very ruthless. If once the woman gets annoyed, then she does not show mercy.
  • Women wear makeup, beautiful clothes and ornaments to show themselves beautiful. Ravana believed that women show themselves as beautiful from outside, but in reality, they do not pay any attention to cleanliness. This is why Ravana called women as impure.