Battle Of Saragarhi

Battle Of Saragarhi

By on June 13, 2017
Battle Of Saragarhi
Most of you may not have heard about the Battle of Saragarhi. This is one of the wars in India that has immortalized its name in history forever. The heroism displayed by the Sikhs in this battle has a different history. In the battle of 1897, due to the courage showed by the Sikhs, the name of the Saragarhi was written in golden words in history. In the Saragarhi post, 36 Sikhs Regiment was stationed during the reign of the British. This regiment was known for its heroism and bravery. This checkpoint was located between Gulistan, and Lockhart Fort. The role of this post was very important, with the help of this, the communication network is established between these two forts was done. Pashtuns made many attacks from 27 August to 11 September 1897 with the intent to capture Saragarhi post. But they did not succeed in their intentions. In September 1897, Afridi and Afghans decided to settle with each other. On September 12, 1897, the same day the Pashtuns attacked the Signalling post of Saragarhi with their 10,000 soldiers, the purpose of attacking this post was to break the communication between the two forts. As soon as the soldiers attacked the checkpoint, Signal Incharge Gurmukh Singh sent the message to Col. Haughton immediately at Lockhart Fort. Col Haughton told Gurmukh Singh that we will not be able to send help to Saragarhi immediately, it will take some time. Now the Sikhs had come to realize that perhaps no help would come. Then the Sikhs decided that it was better to kneel in front of the Pashtun that we would give our life in war. Bhagwan Singh and Lal Singh decided to fight and they proceed by killing their enemies with their rifle. Meanwhile, Bhagwan Singh was killed by the enemies. Now Ishar Singh took over the command of his soldiers and on the other hand, there was a fear due to the courage showed by the Sikhs in Pashtuns camp. There was a different enthusiasm among soldiers under the leadership of Ishar Singh. They went faster and wrecked the enemies. Pashtuns tried two times to break the wall of the fort, but they could not succeed. The war between Sikhs and Pashtuns continued till the night and finally, all the 21 Sikhs were martyred. But this bravery shown by the Sikhs was incomparable. The Sikhs had killed more than thousands of Afghans in this war. In the end, the Pashtun soldiers did not understand what to do and they were too tired. And the result of this was that in the next two days, the British soldiers defeated the Pashtuns in the war. This news reached every part of the world at that time. People did not believe how only 21 Sikhs faced 10000 soldiers. In the British Parliament, those 21 Sikhs were paid tribute. All those 21 Sikhs were also honored with the Indian Order of Merit. The decision of the 21 Sikhs to do the war shows the courage and bravery of the Indian soldiers. This war which was launched by the Sikhs has been considered one of the 5 greatest wars in the world. This battle is described in books of Europe’s schools. The Battle of Spartans is also very minor in front of it. Many countries of the world tell them about this fight to encourage their soldiers. But it is a sad fact that only a few Indians know about this war in India.

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