Dominion Status Vs Complete Swaraj

By on November 1, 2017

Dominion Status Vs Complete Swaraj


Indian freedom fighter Bhagat Singh was hanged at the age of 23. After some years, in 1948 Nathuram Godse shot Mahatma Gandhi. Both the great men had contributed a lot in the country’s independence. Today we will talk about things related to Gandhi and Bhagat Singh. Where on one side Bhagat Singh wanted to remove the Britishers from India with the help of violence, on the other hand, Gandhi Ji wanted to do this work non-violently. By 1929, Gandhi Ji used to talk about India’s dominion status. According to the dominion status, India would be liberated from Britain but all its government work would be under the Queen of England. Bhagat Singh, on the other hand, used to demand complete Swaraj for India, under which there is no partnership of India with the British in the future. When a large part of the country started giving support to Bhagat Singh, then Gandhi Ji even demanded full Swaraj. According to the people, Gandhi Ji could stop the execution of Bhagat Singh, but he did not do this. According to Gandhi Ji’s followers, Gandhi Ji tried very hard to save Bhagat Singh from hanging. On the other hand, according to the followers of Bhagat Singh, Gandhi Ji used to use hunger strike to fulfill his small task, then why did he not did a hunger strike during the hanging of Bhagat Singh? If Bhagat Singh is not hanged at that time, then part of the country, Bhagat Singh and his followers, and the other part of the country, Gandhi Ji, and his followers. Perhaps that was the reason that Gandhi Ji did not stop the execution of Bhagat Singh. Whatever the reason, history will always keep asking this question, why did not Gandhi Ji save Bhagat Singh? Perhaps you don’t know but the fight fought with violence throughout the world has failed. And at that time Britain was the most powerful country in the world. And at the time it was not possible to defeat Britain by using violence. The British Government does not offer Bhagat Singh to India at any cost. On the other hand, the British were troubled by Gandhi Ji’s movements. So they put a condition to leave India. The Britishers said that India would have to support England in World War II, only then they would get independence. For which Gandhi Ji gave his consent. After the big loss of World War II, the British did not have such a capability, therefore, in 1947, they had to free India. Whatever be the truth, Bhagat Singh was a brave and true country devotee. At the age of 23 only, he had dedicated his life to India’s independence.

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