Flames Of Jwala Devi Temple

Flames Of Jwala Devi Temple

By on May 27, 2017
Flames Of Jwala Devi Temple
  • The secret of the continuous burning flame of Jwala Devi Temple in Himachal Pradesh is still not known by the scientist. Every year, millions of people from India and abroad come here to visit Jwala Devi Temple. The mystery of the burning flame here is still a puzzle for the scientists. Some people think that maybe this area has a big source of oil or natural gas. That’s why this flame always keeps burning. But later when ONGC started to investigate that area, so they found no evidence of the oil and natural gas. In India, there are many Temples of Malta and in these Temples worships of Mata is done in an idol form by people. But here there is no idol of Mata in Jwala Devi Temple, here are nine flames emanating from the bottom of the earth and these nine flames are worshiped. Here 9 different flames from the bottom of the earth emerge from different parts of this Temple.
  • The Names Of 9 Jwalaji Flame Or Jyotis:-
  1. Maa Hing Laj
  2. Maa Mahakali
  3. Maa Chandi
  4. Maa Vindhya Vasini
  5. MaaAmbika 
  6. Maa Anjana
  7. Maa Saraswati
  8. MaaAnnapurna
  9. MaaMahalakshmi
  • According to history, this Temple was first constructed by King Bhumi Chand. Later in 1835 Maharaja (King) Ranjit Singh and Sansar Chand again built it. This Jwala Devi Temple is located in the Kangra district of the Jawalamukhi city in Himachal Pradesh; this Temple was discovered by Pandavas. This Temple is one of the 51Shakti Peethas. It is believed that when Lord Vishnu had done pieces of the Mata Sati from his Sudarshana Chakra then the Mata’s tongue fell on this place right here.
  • Story Of Akbar And Dhyanu Bhagat:-
  • DhyanuBhagat was the supreme devotee of Mata who lived in Nadon village. Once he was going to visit Jwala Devi Temple with 1000 people. Seeing so many people going together, the soldiers sent a message to Akbar. The soldiers captured all those people in Delhi, including Dhyanu Bhagat and all those people were presented to in front of Akbar. Akbar asked Dhyanu Bhagat, where are you going with so many people. Dhyanu Bhagat with simple humility answered to Akbar, that all of us were going to visit the Jwala Devi Temple. Akbar asked Dhyanu who is the Jwala Maa and why are you all going there? Dhyanu told Akbar, Jwala Maa is the one who operates this world. If you worship her with a sincere heart, you will never have any problem in life. Dhyanu told Akbar that in the Temple of Jwala, nine flames emerge from the bottom of the earth, which is burning without oil for centuries. After hearing this, Akbar decides to take the examination of Jwala Maa. Akbar said to Dhyanu that if your devotion is pure then your Jwala Maar will surely take care of you. But if your Jwala Maa does not do anything for you after seeing you in trouble, it means that she does not exist. Akbar told Dhyanu that we will separate the head of your horse and you take that head to your mother and tell her to do it alive again. On the order of Akbar, the head of the horse was cut off. Dhyanu told Akbar that give me one month and until I do not come back please protect my horse’s head. Akbar agreed with Dhyanu and allowed him to travel. When Dhyanu reached the Jwala Devi Temple, he bowed to Maa and told them. “Mata you know that Emperor Akbar is examining my devotion.” It is said that the Mata Jwala heard the call of Dhyanu and resurrected her horse. Akbar was amazed to see this and he reached the Temple of Jwala Devi with his army. He told the soldiers to put water inside the Temple. But even after falling water, the flame of the Temple is not extinguished and then Akbar believed in the miracle of the Jwala Maa. Akbar apologized to the Jwala Maa and offered a huge gold umbrella, but the Jwala Maa did not accept the Chatra (umbrella). The fragmented Chatra you can see in the Temple even today.
  • The grandeur of the main entrance of the Temple is amazing. The Temple dome is made of gold. Akbar canal with the Temple. This canal was built by Akbar to extinguish the flames of the Temple. Little further, there’s the place where the Jwala Maa is immortal in the form of flames. A little above is the Temple of Gorakhnath. It is believed that Gorakhnath had come here and he also showed his many miracles. There is a water tank where it looks like the water is boiling, but in fact, the water is cooled. A few kilometers away is the Temple of Nagni Mata. About 5km further is the Shri Raghunathji Temple, which was constructed by the Pandavas. However, flames coming from below Earth are a common thing. In many parts of the world, volcanoes and hot water emit from under the earth. In many countries where there is so much energy coming from the bottom of the earth, transformers have been made, with the help of which people are given electricity in the houses. But the surprising thing is that the flame that burns in the Temple of Jwala Devi is completely miraculous, not natural energy. The Britishers also tried to use that energy, but they did not succeed, and even Akbar also did not succeed extinguish the flames of the Temple.