Hindu Temples Are Dying In Pakistan

Hindu Temples Are Dying In Pakistan

By on February 6, 2018

Hindu Temples Are Dying In Pakistan


Pakistan has many temples of Hindus. Some of which have their own mythological significance. But it is unfortunate that all these temples are facing the neglect of the Pakistan government. There are only a few temples here, whose condition is right. Today will talk about some of the Hindu temples located in Pakistan.

  • Katas Raj Temples: – The largest temple of Shivaji in Pakistan is the Katas Raj. This temple is situated in Chakwal district, 270 kilometers from Lahore. There is also a lake near this temple. It is said that in the sadness of separation from Mata Parvati, two drops of Mahadev’s tears on the earth fell. And these drops of tears transformed into a huge lake. There is a belief about this lake that bathing here gives you peace of mind. This temple is also associated with Mahabharata period. Pandavas came to this lake in search of water during their exile. Here Yaksha had also taken the Pandavas examination. At this place, Pandavas worship Shivling for 4 years. Due to the growing influence of hardliners, the situation of this temple is very bad today. Even the Government of Pakistan sold this temple to the cement factory. But in 2005 when Advani went to Pakistan, he urged the Pakistan government to rebuild it. Since then, the construction of this temple has been going on till date.
  • Hinglaj Mata Temple: – The second biggest temple in Pakistan is Hinglaj Devi. This temple is counted in 51 Shakti Peethas of Goddess. According to the sacred beliefs, Mata Sati head was fell here. Hinglaj Mata’s temple is situated in the hills of Balochistan, near the Hingol River. Naturally, this place is very beautiful. It is also said that Lord Shiva, who was angry with Sati’s death, he had ended his Tandava here. Before the partition of India-Pakistan, millions of pilgrims used to come here. But now this temple has been converted into a very pathetic position. The number of devotees coming here is now very few. However, the locals have given enough sacrifices to save this temple.
  • Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple: – This temple is quite extraordinary and the idol kept here is millions of years old. It is believed that Lord Shri Ram had come in this temple. Hence its relation is also from Ramayana period. There is no concrete information related to the construction of this temple. But according to a popular story, years ago there used to be a sadhu, who worships here. One day, that Panchmukhi Hanuman appeared in the dream of the monk. Hanuman-Ji had ordered the sadhu to establish his idol here. Hanuman ji’s statue appeared when the monk removed 11 fists soil from here. Therefore 11 points have special significance in this temple. According to the recognition, if you revolve 11 times around God’s idol, so all your wishes will be fulfilled by God. There is a huge crowd of devotees for the Panchmukhi Hanuman here. In this temple, people come from other religions besides Hindus.
  • Sharada Peeth: – This temple dedicated to Mata Saraswati is located in the Neelam Valley of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. According to the belief Lord Shankar had traveled from here. This temple was very special for the devotees here. But due to terrorism, this temple has now been completely devastated. There are many such temples in Pakistan which have already been destroyed by their government.

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