How Was The Birth Of Death?

By on November 21, 2017

How Was The Birth Of Death?


As we all know the death of all the creatures born on this earth is certain. Means the creature that is born in this world will definitely die one day. But now the question is what this death is? And why does every creature receive it? Does anyone know how this death was born? As we know, Brahmadev has created this earth. Our earth has been destroyed many times and then again it has been created several times. But we are talking about the time when Brahmadev created this earth for the first time. After composing this earth and its inhabitants. Brahmadev saw that the number of living beings in it is constantly increasing with their birth. So Brahmadev thought that if the number of these creatures continued to grow like this then the earth would be destroyed again. Then Brahmadev started thinking about balancing the earth. But even after thinking a lot, Brahmadev did not find a solution to the problem. Then Lord Brahma became angry and they decided that they would destroy this earth with their anger-fire. After some time, the fire spread all over the world and all got into the grip of that fire. All the Devtas were worried seeing the whole world burning in fire. Then Lord Shiva went to Brahmadev and asked him why you are destroying this earth. Then Brahmadev told Shiva the Goddess Earth was suffering from the burden of the world, her pain has inspired me to destroy the living beings. Then Lord Shiva told Brahmadev that your anger is destroying trees, mountains, waterfalls etc. along with creatures. So please calm your anger and use some other way to destroy the creatures. On the say of Lord Shiva, Brahmadev took his “anger-fire” back inside him. A woman of black, red and yellow appeared, when Lord Brahmadev was withdrawing fire from his body. Brahmadev told that woman, you are born from my anger-fire, hence you will be known by the name of “death” from today. From now on you will destroy the creatures of this world on my orders. After hearing Brahmadev, “death (woman)” became very sad. Then she started crying “and she said I too am afraid of sin and unrighteousness, and then how can I do that harsh work as a woman?” Brahmadev took the tears of “death” in his palm and told her that you just only have to follow my orders. You will not sin by doing this. And thus “death” accepted Brahmadev order. And since then all the creatures of this world get to die.

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