Incredible Temple Of Yamraj

Incredible Temple Of Yamraj

By on June 10, 2017
Incredible Temple Of Yamraj
Yamraj is a name that makes everyone fearful. People don’t even think about Yamraj in their dream. In Hindu religion, Yamraj has been given the title of the deity of death. However, we all have knowledge of the system of Yamraj and Chitragupta. Bharmour place which is located in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. There is a temple here that is known for its bizarre and wonderful beliefs. The structure of this temple is largely like a normal house. This is the only temple of Yamraj in India. There is also an empty room in this temple, according to the people, that room itself is belonging to Chitragupta. That is why most of the people living there are afraid to enter the temple. Some people visit temple from the outside. Chitragupta works as secretary of Yamraj. Chitragupta records the good and bad deeds performed by humans. And on the basis of the actions of human beings, Chitragupta sends them into heaven and hell. The people here believe that whenever a human being died on earth. Then the Yamraj’s Messenger presents the soul of that human in front of Chitragupta in this temple. Then Chitragupta tells the person’s soul about the deeds of his life. Then the person’s soul is sent to the front chamber. Here in this chamber, Yamraj gives a person the punishment of heaven and hell on the basis of his deeds. Garuda Purana states that there are four invisible doors in the four directions in the court of Yamraj. In this temple, there are also 4 invisible doors, which are made of iron, copper, gold, and silver. It cannot be said, how much the truth is in the beliefs of people here. But we must definitely learn one thing from here that we should always do good deeds in our lives. Because of doing bad deeds, we will not get anything.