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Indian History Of Today- November 09

By on November 9, 2017
  • On November 9, 1841, King of the United Kingdom and Emperor Edward VII of India was born.
  • On November 9, 1877, poet, writer and philosopher Muhammad Iqbal was born.
  • On November 9, 1896, Indian editor and freedom fighter, K. Rama Rao was born.
  • On November 9, 1904, the major Indian botanist Panchanan Maheshwari was born in Jaipur.
  • Indian classical singer C. R. Vyas was born on November 9, 1924.
  • On 9th November 1944, Indian dancer and choreographer Chitresh Das was born.
  • On November 9, 1962, social reformer Dhondo Keshav Karve died.
  • On November 9, 1972, the retired tennis player Laxmi Poruri was born.
  • On November 9, 1980, Puran Chand Joshi, one of the prominent leaders of the Communist movement, died in Delhi.
  • On November 9, 2003, Indian physician and author Binod Bihari Verma died.
  • On 9th November 2005, the 10th President of India K. R. Narayanan passed away.

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