Information Related To Surya Dev

Information Related To Surya Dev

By on May 23, 2017
Information Related To Surya Dev
As you know, our Hindu religion is counted in ancient religions and it has 33 Crore Devi-Devta (Gods) and all these deities have their own vehicles. These vehicles are used for roaming in the universe by deities. Similarly, the Surya Dev (Sun God) vehicle is his chariot; this chariot is pulled by 7 horses together. The seven horses of Surya Dev are in the hands of their charioteer Aruna. Surya Dev is also known as Aditya, Arka, Bhanu, Savitr, Ravi, Martanda, Mitra, Pushan, and Vivasvan.But does anyone know that why there are only 7 horses in the Surya Dev vehicle? The answer can be found with some mythological stories as well as scientific facts. Do these 7 horses have any special significance or else they show any secrets related to the universe. Surya Dev had 11 brothers and they are known collectively as Aditya. This is why the name of the Surya Dev is also Aditya. According to Mythology Kashyapa and Aditi had 8 children. But later it came to know that Kashyapa and Aditi had 12 children. All the sons of Kashyapa and Aditi are like 12 months of the year. Sandhya and Chhaya are wives of Surya Dev.Shani and Yamraj, two sons of Surya Dev are known as Judges of the human race. Yamraj was chosen for the salvation of the soul. When a person leaves his life, then Yamraj takes the person’s soul in Heaven and hell according to his deeds. And all the good and bad days of human life depend on the grace of Shani. Apart from Shani and Yamraj, Yama, Yami (Yamuna), and Manu, The Ashvins, are also descendants of Surya God. Manu was one of those who were later known as the ancestors of mankind. Gayathri, Bruhathi, Ushnik, Jagathi, Dhrushtup, Anushtup and Bhakthi these are the names of 7 horses of Surya Dev. It is believed that seven horses of Surya Dev reflect the seven days of the week. But there is no concrete evidence to prove it. But clearly, it cannot be said that why there are only seven horses in the chariot of Surya Dev. If we look at these seven horses carefully, we will see that the colors of all horses differ from each other. For this reason, all the horses have been connected with the seven colors of the rainbow. It has also been said that the 7 horses who run the chariot of the Surya Dev, reflect the light of the Surya Dev.