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Is Lord Shiva And Shankar Are Same?

By on December 20, 2017

Is Lord Shiva And Shankar Are Same?


In order to know the mysteries hidden in Hinduism, we should study the Vedas and Puranas. Most of us believe that both Shiva and Shankar are same. But if we study the Vedas properly then we will know that this is not right. Today we will talk about what is the difference between “Shiva” and “Shankar”. Lord Shiva, also known as Mahesh, is a part of the Trinity (Trimurti). Trinity has created the whole universe. Brahmadev, Vishnu, and Mahesh are also known as Trinity. The work of Lord Brahma is the creation of the universe, work of Vishnu is the maintenance of universe and the work of Mahesh is the destruction of the universe. Lord Brahma is shown with lotus. Lord Vishnu is shown with Sudarshan Chakra.  Lord Mahesh is shown with Trishul. Likewise, Lord Shankar has a form and his task is to only destroy. But Shiva is said to be the Supreme. Shiva has no shape or form. His worship is done as a lingam. It means that he is also the Creator of God. And he created Trinity. He has also created the infinite universe. 3 lines are constructed above Shivling.  The meaning of three lines is Trinetri, Trikaldarshi, and Triloknath. The third eye of knowledge is called “Trinetri”. The person who sees the past, present and the future is called the “Trikaldarshi”. “Triloknath” means God of all 3 Realms. In our Vedas, it is also said that Lord Shiva is Nirankari. We all have originated from them. And one day everything will be merged in Shiva. Shankar is also a part of Lord Shiva. But Lord Shankar also has to do his work in this physical world. On the other hand, Shiva is everywhere. He’s everything and also nothing. We can give many names to Lord Shiva because he is formless. It is said in ancient mythology that Lord Shankar feels Lord Shiva in sleep. According to ancient mythology, in Yoga Nidra Lord Shankar meditates Lord Shiva. As the time went on, both names started to be considered the same. But Lord Shankar is just a fraction of that great power. Lord Shiva is in every god, every human being and everywhere.

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