Miraculous Shani Vigrah In Shingnapur

Miraculous Shani Vigrah In Shingnapur

By on May 25, 2017
Miraculous Shani Vigrah In Shingnapur
In different states of India, there are many Shani temples. But today we will talk about the Shani temple which is famous for its miracles. Shingnapur temple of Surya Dev’s son Shani is located in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. The specialty of this temple is that there is no idol of Shani Dev here, as you see in the other temples. Here is only one black stone that is placed on the top of marble base. This stone is known as Shani’s vigrah. People from all over the world come here to worship Shani Vigrah, so that the grace of Shani Dev is always on them. According to one belief, the grace of Shani Dev is always maintained on the person who anointing Shani Dev here. Nobody knows how Shani Maharaj’s vigrah came to Shingnapur. But according to a legendary story, Shingnapur had a very heavy rainfall once. The rainfall was so heavy that due to which the flood situation arose. People had an idea of the cataclysm. That night Shani Maharaj came in the dream of a villager. Shani Maharaj told the villager in his dream that my vigrah was placed near the Panas Nala. In the morning, he first ran to the villagers and he told them about his dream. The first villagers did not believe on him. But later all those people went towards the Panas Nala. As soon as they reached there, first of all, they were all surprised because vigrah was actually there. The villagers tried to raise that vigor, but they could not succeed. In the end, all the villagers decide to return home after losing their courage. That same night Shani Dev returned to the dream of the villager again and told him that if an uncle-nephew raised me together, then I will move from that place. After that, keep me in the bullock cart whose bull is also uncle-nephew. The next day, all the villagers again went to the Panas Nala and this time uncle-nephew together raised the vigrah. Shani Maharaj was brought to the village on the bullock cart. In the village established the vigrah at the place where it is today. With the arrival of Shani Maharaj, all the problems of the villagers were overcome and people in the village were happy. Shani vigrah’s height is approximately 5.9 feet and width is 1.6 feet. People from India and abroad come to see this rare Vigrah. Women visit Shani vigrah from a distance, because they are not allowed to go near the vigrah. Men have to take a bath before coming here and then wear Pitambar dhoti. Men without bathing cannot touch Shani vigrah. There is a huge crowd of devotees on every Saturday, Shani Jayanti and Shanichari Amavasya. Most people keep a distance from Shani Dev. They feel that once Shani’s vision falls on them, problems will start in their life. But if the worship of Shani Dev is done with right ways, then there is no more beneficial deity than him. Once Shani’s grace upon you then you will never fail in life. There is no door, windows, and safes in the Shingnapur houses. There are only curtains instead of doors in the houses here. No one steals in Shingnapur houses. People believe this if someone steals, then Shani Dev himself punishes him. Who will steal in such a village where Shani Maharaj is pleased. That’s why there is no door, windows, and safes in the houses here.