Nuclear Tests Of India

Nuclear Tests Of India

By on May 11, 2017
Nuclear Tests Of India
Indian Army conducted five nuclear tests on May 2, 1998 in the Pokhran test range. Which is known as Pokhran-2. The Indian Army conducted the first nuclear test in May 1974. And it was named Smiling Buddha. There were 5 big explosions inside the Pokhran-2 test. After this test, the US, Canada, Japan and many major countries condemned India and many restrictions were imposed. Pokharan-2 (Operation Shakti) started on 11 May 1998, in which 1 fusion and 2 fission bombs were used2 fission bombs were exploded again on 13 May 1998 and due to these explosions, India was called a fully developed nuclear country. At that time it was led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government. These tests are known by many names, but in reality, it was named Shakti-98.And those five nuclear explosions were known as Shakti-1 to Shakti-5.But a few years ago, this operation was completely named Pokhran-2 and the operation of 1974 was called Pokhran-1. The Pokhran-2 test was completely concealed from the world and only after its success; the world was informed about it. Five explosions were carried out in the town of Pokhran, located in Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. A.P. J Abdul Kalam was involved in these tests completely and he had played an important role. He was the Chief Advisor of the DRDO and the Project Chief Coordinator for the Pokhran Test at that time. After this test, India was the 6th country which conducted nuclear tests. Behind the success of these tests was a great deal of DRDO and AEC. The blast site was visited by the Chief of the Indian Army. On May 11, the nuclear test was conducted. From that day onwards, this day is known as National Technology Day.