Rajendra Singh And The Unheard Story Of Kashmir

Rajendra Singh And The Unheard Story Of Kashmir

By on June 22, 2017
 Rajendra Singh And The Unheard Story Of Kashmir
A lot of people are responsible for the partition of India and Pakistan. When India and Pakistan were divided, so it was difficult to decide that Kashmir will be a part of which country. That is why even today there are differences because of Kashmir between the two countries. If Kashmir is part of India today, then all its credit goes to the army chief of Kashmir, Rajendra Singh at that time. This incident is on 22 October 1947 when a Pashtun tribal army of Pakistan left for Srinagar with weapons. Because of this, Within the Princely states of Kashmir, the spark of rebellion starting burning. On the other hand, the tribal army reached Muzaffarabad, Which is 240 km from Srinagar. Pakistan was soon going to take over the whole part of Kashmir. Now if Kashmir is to be protected from the tribal army of Pakistan, Maharaja Hari Singh needed help from India. India puts the proposal in front of Maharaja Hari Singh that if you need help from us, then you will have to sign the Instrument of Accession. On the other hand, the situation was very serious. At the same time, the Pakistan Army came very close to Kashmir. Maharaja Hari Singh had to make a decision soon. But the country’s first Maha Vir Chakra winner Rajendra Singh did not allow the Pakistanis to occupy Kashmir. Rajendra Singh had realized that the army of Pakistan is not far away. That’s why he blew the bridge from Uri to Baramulla, which used to connect to Kashmir. The result was that the army of the enemy could not move forward for the next two days. Till the Indian army reached Kashmir Rajendra Singh played an important role in preventing the enemies. Rajendra Singh was successful in saving Kashmir but he became martyred while fighting with the enemies. After his death, India wiped out Pakistan’s army and secured Kashmir. Because of the brave and cleverness of Rajendra Singh, Kashmir became a part of India. After being martyred in the war, the government honored him with first Maha Vir Chakra.